Rough Ride

Things definitely could be better, and they definitely could be worse.  We got a call from one of the places Master Pravus interviewed with recently.  They offered the position to someone else.  That was kind of a bummer to hear.  There are still a couple of positions that he has interviewed with though that have been keeping him in the loop.  They are still interested in him and may or may not hire him.  Not everyone is super fast as to hiring.  His last contract took a full month to hire him from the date his paperwork started to when he actually started his first day so we haven’t lost hope yet.

My health has been in the actual shitter.  The botox was really awful.  I’m completely off of my Prednisone now (which is good, because we can begin the timer for when we can fix my hernia) but since I got off the Prednisone (which took me almost a full fucking year omg that stuff is awful) my weight has been doing a swan dive.  Most people would think that’s awesome.  It’s not awesome when the reason why is because your stomach is paralyzed and you can barely eat, though.  The botox definitely made the gastroparesis worse, but the Prednisone had been helping me get more liquid foods in (like milk, low fat ice cream, etc so it’s a toss up).  Still.  Here I am the night before the botox:

(And yes, Frankie steals the show he’s so frigging cute).  Here I am about a week ago, and I’m down fifteen pounds now:

I tried to find pics where I’m posing similarly.  I guess I spend a lot of time on my knees, but that’s Master Pravus’ doing.  Hehe.

Thing is, it’s been really hard lately because I’ve been collapsing and near collapsing a lot more often and I just feel awful.  I struggle a lot more than I did even before I started the Prednisone to eat (I could eat a lot more then) and we’re trying everything we can think of.  It’s tough.  We have another appointment with the gastroenterologist soon so hopefully they have more ideas.  It’s a hard disease that doesn’t have enough treatments that’s for sure.

One thing I’ve been trying to do on days I can wear my hernia belt is to go for five minute walks once or twice a day in the back yard with Applepig.  It’s supposed to help your stomach empty and five minutes isn’t terribly strenuous.

Applepig sits with Tabuloto and he looks so cute outside, doesn’t he?

This site got hacked a couple of times the other day and Master Pravus spent hours trying to fix it.  Talk about annoying.  Thankfully it is finally working now!

Things are rough, but we’re hopeful.  We’re always hopeful.  It’s one of our many flaws.  😉

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