Half Moon

Kitchen window is super bright today, so my glasses bling is hecka visible (but so are the blinds in my glasses) lol!

I’ve been completely off the steroids for almost two weeks and the swelling in my face is coming WAY down, don’t you think?? I mean, in two weeks I almost look like myself again.  Now, if only it would reverse the cataract and other such irreversible shenanigans it caused.  At LEAST moon face is a reversible side effect. Though I’m still a bit swollen. I bet it goes down the rest of the way in another week or two.

Master Pravus has another day of that side gig going on. No complaints.  We thought it ended yesterday, but we will take another day’s worth of pay!  In the meantime today won’t be too exciting for me: chores, sewing, resting and WAITING FOR MASTER PRAVUS TO COME HOME!! Ha ha ha. Lol.

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