Flowers Side Gigs Searching and Snuggles

Don’t push,” he reminds me as he goes out the door all week.

This has been a relatively good week, if you keep things in perspective.  I always have to remind myself to keep things in perspective.

I saw an ad on Craigslist for a temporary flower delivery guy.  A local flower shop needed a few people to deliver flowers through Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is an anniversary for me and Master Pravus; it’s the day we met.  Now, as much as we would love to spend the day together, with Master Pravus being in between contracts right now, life just doesn’t always work out that way.  So, he responded to the ad and guess what, they said they would be happy to take him.

They took him on Monday (the day before), and as I write this (Thursday) they still need him.  They’ve had a couple flower cancellations and one of them was in the middle of the day yesterday, after they had already sent him out with the flowers.  Rather than send Master Pravus all the way back to the flower shop, they told him to keep the flowers, so they sent him home with them and he gave them to me.  Lookit how pretty they are!

I’m not typically a fan of flowers, because they’re expensive and they die in a couple of days.  Potted plants are cool, but flowers?  Ehh..  Free ones though aren’t expensive, so when they die they won’t seem like such a “waste.”  And the car does smell nice right now, even if it does make me sneezy.

The days have been kind of hard.  Master Pravus gets up super early, and he’s gone all day delivering flowers.  I don’t want to be doing nothing all day while he’s gone, so I try to get a little bit of everything done but I do need to take a lot of rest in between things because I run out of steam quickly which is awful.  Still, Master Pravus comes home and he’s always surprised by how much I get done.  I guess you never know until you try, and I guess you never realize just how much you can accomplish even when you feel crummy.  Still, I’m not really accomplishing vast amounts.  That’s where the perspective comes in.  Maybe one load of laundry, one load of dishes (if I’m lucky), a couple things sewn for the Mewtique.  This is all in the span of eight hours.  Still, it’s not easy for me to get around right now and I’m glad for what I can do.  You can always do something.

The long days haven’t left us with much time to be together lately, but that’s really only in four days.  The side gig won’t last much longer if at all and we’ll have nights and weekends back for sure.  Poor Master Pravus.  You’d think that flower delivery doesn’t sound too strenuous, but it’s not exactly a picnic..  Running all around up and down stairs hauling vases that are full of water etc.  Sometimes twenty or thirty orders.  He definitely comes home sore and tired.  It does sound somewhat fun though because most people sound happy to receive their order.  🙂  It’s not like he’s delivering a court summons, most people are happy to see him.  Well, except the one guy who answered the door for his wife.  “HEY!  WHO SENT YOU FLOWERS?!”  Hehe.

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