Bibe Study

On the way back to the car from the store where we were picking up prescriptions, we were approached by a nice young man who asked us if we’d like to attend bible study class with him tonight.  I don’t think he looked older than twenty.

“No thank you,” said my Master.

“Wh.. Are you sure?” He asked us. He looked genuinely confused.

“Yes, we’re sure.”  Our pace quickened slightly.

The nicely dressed young man started following after us.

“But,” he started “You believe in God, don’t you?”

“No,” Master replied, almost a bit apologetic “We actually don’t.”

We got in our car and drove away.  The young man looked confused.  It was kind of weird.  He wasn’t trying to convert us, the conversation stopped right after he asked us if we believed in God.  No name calling, nothing aggressive.  We usually find people are aggressive when they try to convert you.  I think he must have needed to bring people to bible study class as an assignment or something.  Talk. About. Awkward.

…Then I went home and played on the swivel chair a little…

At least he was polite.  I hope he made it to Bible study.

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