The Long and Short Of It

My hair has been looking… Awful. I’ve been losing clumps of it for months now and for a little while I would wake up with chunks if it on my pillow.  It’s really bad, like, hairs all over the house no matter what we do I always find them everywhere.  We keep meaning to get my hair cut but it keeps not happening.

I figured maybe it would grow back but it really is still falling out in clumps so we’re still not sure if this is a side effect of the Prednisone I was on or something else.  Either way we decided to go get it cut today because my hair is getting SO thin that no matter what way I style it it always looks awful or falls out of the style or both.  It has been messing with my confidence.


So, tonight we finally went and did it!  The lady didn’t cut it as short as I wanted..

“That’s a drastic change… Are you sure?”


I didn’t push her too hard because SHE seemed so nervous BUT honestly it looks a lot cuter now and it’s easier to manage anyway.  Soooo. Here we are:

I’ll get more pictures when it’s less dark out of course but here it is for now!

Oh, and I went to the dentist and had zero cavities today.  So, overall not a bad day.

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