The Road Gets Bumpier

Busy, busy, busy.

Master woke me up super early today.

“KITTY!  It’s time to get up, we need to go deliver flowers.”

And off we went.  The weekends are super long flower delivery hours, leaving the house around 9 or 9:30AM and not getting home until late. Yesterday it was about 10PM. Today we were lucky and got home at 8PM.  We have Mewtique stuff to do before we can rest though.  No complaints there, I much prefer sewing and button making and so does Master!  Tomorrow we won’t have to do flower delivery until the afternoon, leaving the mornings free for permanent job hunting for Master.

The road gets bumpier.

Master shot this on the way back to the car after a flower delivery.  I stay in the car for 99% of the deliveries but I come in for a couple if they are relatively short walks to non residential houses.  I carry the clip board usually. 😉

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