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Styxxie isn’t doing great.  We had thought she was improving.  She seemed to be improving but as she was getting closer to the end of her last round of medicine we woke up and she was in a round of sneezing fits again and she was getting a stuffed up nose again!  Poor girl.  We called the vet who said she wanted to extend her antibiotics.  Styxxie is on a lot of medicines right now.  The doctor said it looked like there was something on her Xray. 

If the medicines aren’t working after this current round, we’re going to need to sedate her, have a couple teeth out (that are looking really rotten anyway) and have a couple of really good xrays taken while she’s sedated to get some really clear films to see what’s going on inside.  She’s not entirely sure, but she said it could be a cancerous mass.  We’re obviously hoping not.

Styxxie is not young and we didn’t find out until a year or so after we got her from the shelter.  The shelter had told us she was four.  We are so sad all this is happening so fast after losing Samantha and then Sabrina a year later we really are not ready to say goodbye to her.  There’s a chance this is just a really terrible bug that is lasting for well over a month, but this is looking less and less like it.  Even the vet is thinking it is probably unlikely to be fixed by the (human) antibiotics we’re now giving her, but we’re giving it a shot.  It’s just that, after the heartbreak of losing Samantha and Sabrina only a few years ago we wanted a kitty who was going to be a couple of years old so that we wouldn’t have to go through saying goodbye again so soon.  We both know that sometimes awful things happen, but we’re just not ready.  Styxxie is just such a special cat.  It’s just not fair. 

There’s a part of me that’s really mad at the shelter for putting us through having to say goodbye to a kitty after losing someone only a few years ago who was so special to us.  On the other hand, I know deep down it wasn’t really their fault because Styx was missing so many teeth when she got to the shelter and they figure out age roughly by the teeth the cats have.  Still, Styx is not doing well, and it is mainly due to age related disease (kidney failure, etc).  I guess I just want to blame someone.  If they had been upfront with us, the truth is, we probably still would have taken her.  When I met her on the day we adopted her, I cried.  I knew that I wanted to take her home.  I just knew.  She was perfect.


Yesterday the flower shop didn’t need us, and today (which will be yesterday by the time this goes up) we’re not sure whether they’ll need us or not.  They have been really slow and said they will call us if they need us.  That’s OK.  It gives Master Pravus time to really bunker down all day and put in extra resumes.  Normally he puts resumes in until about 1 or 2PM and then we head in.  This gives him a few extra hours at least.  I spend the day time trying to catch up on chores and sewing.  I get really behind on chores and sewing during our flower running.

The flower job is kind of awful, and it has nothing to do with the pay or the job itself.  It’s the shop.  The environment is terrible.  We try to remind ourselves that we have to be there an average of an hour or less per day, but the people who work there are crazy ugly inside and miserable, and they are what makes the job so awful.  There are a few people who are great, but unfortunately, those people are less than half of the people who work there.  It’s like working in a high school with a bunch of “mean girls,” who all have an “everyone’s out for themselves” kind of attitude. 

No one there has ever heard the word teamwork.  When the boss is out, it gets really, really ugly.  We’re taking screaming matches between co-workers (which I always stay well out of, but I hear every word and it’s completely ridiculous catty bullshit).  It’s just not the environment I want to be around.  Thing is, I don’t need to be around it though, because as I said, I really am usually there to get my flowers and go.  Thank goodness I am not a flower arranger!  Still, it makes me ill that grown adults (many older than me) act that way!

In silly news, we have a family cow now:

We were in a store late at night, and as we were walking past a shelf I saw a cow.  I walked over and picked him up!  Master’s eyes lit up.

“It’s a cow!  We need a cow!” I said.

“We don’t need a cow,” he teased.

“We don’t have a cow.” I said.

“What will you do with it?”

“Milk it to feed ZeeBee his oatmilk babas.”

“We don’t need a cow.”

“Where will you put it?” he started to cave.

“In the bed!”

“This one is looking thin….”

(He started looking over in the nearby bin of spring plushies, where there were other cows.)

“That just means this is DESTINY!  Like PYGMALION!  And APPLEPIG!  They weren’t perfect either!  We need a family cow!”

Master Pravus looked at his price tag.

“You can keep him, Kitty.”

“Come, Mootavious!  You’re going to love it at our house!  Ron will milk you!”

And I skipped to the exit, and the employees were smiling, except for one fuddee-duddee who was grumpy because we were in the store at twenty minutes to tomorrow.  Then again, nowhere else is open at a quarter to midnight.

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