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No pauses and constantly running.  That’s how the past few weeks have felt for us.  We rarely get days off.  Sometimes we do, but even our days off are full of appointments and interviews and sewing and running around.  We’re exhausted through and through.

There is a lot that I want to talk about, but some of it I cannot say anything about yet, because I’m still waiting for confirmation on some bits.  I don’t yet know everything that’s going on myself and that’s part of my silence, though every day I do keep in touch via Twitter.

So many days we don’t get home until eight or nine at night or later and then it feels like running downhill to sew, pack orders and get ready for bed so we can get ready for the next day.

We’re still waiting to hear what the word is on Styxxie.  Here she is the night she came home from her recent surgery.  Poor Boo.  It was pretty major.  They did three biopsies from inside her sinuses and they did a swab and a bunch of bloodwork and some xrays and took three rotten teeth.  The xrays didn’t show anything more conclusive than her non sedated xrays did, unfortunately.  The swab (about six days later showed a severe bacterial infection that was resistant to the type of antibiotic we were currently giving her so we switched to a better one.  She’s on that now, thankfully.  She’s on pain meds too because having all that work done at once is ouchy and she won’t eat without it.  When she takes her pain meds though, she eats a lot and then looks like this twenty minutes later:

Yep.  She totally passes out with her own blankie, and then I tuck her in with mine.  I feel so bad for the little wump.  Poor baby.  A biopsy from in your face?  That sounds pretty awful.  Her vet is on vacation for the next week, but if the biopsy results come in while she’s gone another vet is going to call us immediately with the results we were told. 

In the meantime, we’re crossing our fingers for her that this is not cancerous and that the antibiotics can treat this, even if she needs an extended course.  She may not like us very much right now (she’s a good girl, but she doesn’t like taking her medicine and I don’t blame her.  I bet it tastes like garbage.) but I’m hoping she’ll love us when she’s feeling better.  I feel so bad shoving all these pills and syringes down her throat.  Not to mention the eye goop and nose drops!

For now our little Styxxie is doing okay outside of being a bit grumpy at medicine time but she still wants to sit in Momma’s lap every spare second she gets.  That’s my girl!

In other (not shocking) news: I feel like complete garbage.  All this running around with no time off is so hard on me, and with the negligible amount I’m able to eat it’s taking a mega toll.  I spend more and more time in the car, and Master Pravus likes leaving me behind even for short stints and even with my button less and less.  The other day we were out and I needed to use the restroom and I asked if he wanted me to just run in really fast as usual. 

He told me he would come in with me.  I said to him when we got back to the car that I was surprised that he wanted to accompany me when he didn’t need the bathroom himself because usually we’re in such a hurry to get the list done, and he said that I’ve been looking awful for days and he doesn’t like to leave me alone for even minutes anymore.  I’ve also noticed that if we need to go up two or three stairs (if there’s no ramp at all) like to get into a house that he walks right behind me.  He told me he’s that worried I’ll fall.  :/  Ugh.

We were in the store the other day when a woman who I’ve never seen before randomly walked up to me and said:

“Are you O.K. Ma’am?”

“Oh, I’m fine!” I answered back.  She startled me though.  That doesn’t happen to me.

We left the store and I asked Master what was going on with that.

“You look awful.  You look really pale, super white.  You just look unsteady.”

“Of course I’m lightheaded.  I’m always lightheaded.  I didn’t realize I was so pale though…”


“You’re been looking extra rough lately.  I think it’s getting bad if strangers are noticing.”


I feel like it wouldn’t be so bad either if I wasn’t pushing so hard, but I don’t know what I can do about that either, really.  I’m trying my best.

In some more cheery news we have managed to pop by the Zoo for some very brief little moments lately:

Here’s a picture of a truck with dinos on it!  On the front is a turtle, but there’s probably more dinos on the back.  We didn’t get a picture of that.

We were further inside the zoo when I saw a moving dinosaur:

“Master!  Look!”

“A DINOSAUR, Kitty!”

“Yep!  Look, Master, it’s moving!!”

“Is it??”


“I can’t..  Wait!  Yes!  It is!  It’s moving!”

As we got closer, a bunch of children were around it.  Some were yelling about the “T-rex” they were looking at.  A nearby adult was schooling then on how it was an “allosaurus,” actually.  I’m not a complete cotton-headed-ninny-muggings so I whispered to Master:

“Actually, that’s probably a carnotaurus.  Look at the horns.”  Then I walked to the side of the exhibit, pointed to the sign that indeed proved I was correct and walked away snickering to myself.  I wouldn’t actually know anyway except Master Pravus loves dinosaurs so I make it a point to be at least slightly familiar with them.  ::Ahem::

Pretty cool!  They’re going to have a ton of dinos at the Zoo later this year.  Master Pravus loves the Zoo, and dinosaurs are one of his favorites.  I can’t wait to go back with him to see them when they’re there.  Master Pravus is going to frigging love it!!  The only dinosaur I ever liked was the brontosaurus, but I’ll love going to see Master Pravus’ face light up, especially if it lights up as much as it did when he saw this one dinosaur.  It moves back and fourth slowly at the torso and says “Roar!”  Haha.  <3  There’s even a little blurb about the carnotaurus to the side.

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