Applepig, Reddiboi and Biggle Piggle’s Wash n Fluff

Applepig goes for a wardrobe change maybe once per year.  He rarely goes more often than that, and it would have to be for a very good reason.  As a treat for being so good lately, Master Pravus decided to bring me to get Applepig a new outfit and he said Reddiboi could come too!

Reddiboi is a simple little guy and he only wears shorts..  Ok, and socks.  The socks were from home.  We buy them in the baby section in “normal” stores.  We didn’t like the first pair of shorts we picked out for him but these wound up being the winners on that day.

“OK, Kitty are you done?” Master Pravus asked after we dressed Reddiboi and Applepig.

“Well, we gotta give them their yearly fluff in the fluffertub.”

“In the wuffer wut?”


After the fluffing concluded we were walking to the exit when we saw something that would be just perfect for Biggle Piggle.  Just perfect!

We went home and came back a few days later without Applepig or Reddiboi, but with Biggle Piggle for her BEST DAY EVER!

LOOK AT HER!!  She’s AMAZING!  She’s the most beautiful EASTER PIG EVER!  I started crying in the store when we got the outfit on her because we always say the Easter Pig is the one that visits us on Easter (we’re Atheists and make up our own ridiculous holiday crap for fun and not religion) and OMG she was the most beautiful Easter Pig ever and I love her so much.


Plus, as I was walking her to the register, the actual Easter Bunny (who is stationed right next to the store we get the outfits) was doing a stroll through the store, and walked up to us, and I bust out with:

“Hey look!  It’s a mini..  YOU!”

And he looked at up, and then petted Biggle Piggle on the head, and I kind of feel like he gave her his blessing.  So.  She’s the Easter Pig for REAL now.


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