Back Fracture

Today was terrible.  Instead of delivering flowers I spent the day in the ER.   I had uncontrollable terrible abdominal pain and I fainted twice before leaving the house this morning and nearly fainted twice in triage.

They didn’t investigate my stomach pain at ALL, but they did medicate me for it.  First time on Morphine.  😷  The ER doc was dismissive of my stomach pain even though I have not been in an ER for well over a year and he said it was just a flare up of my gastroparesis probably (without even looking at me) but if it comes back after the meds wear off then to come back in and they will investigate it but meanwhile he sent me home.  Never mind that I don’t get pain from my gastroparesis, just nausea in varying degrees.  Complete ass.  I’ve never felt pain like that before.  Master Pravus tried sticking up for me as well as I did. Even the nurse said I looked terrible. That doctor was a real piece of work! ..But he did get a chest Xray (not anywhere related to my pain) and that was that.

The chest Xray did show that I have some kind of (MINOR) vertebral fracture in my low back.  Joy.  I’ve had better days.  I need to follow up with my PCP this week.  Hopefully Tuesday.  I already have Tuesday off.

I feel terrible from the IV drugs they gave me so I plan to lie down and watch princess movies on and off.  Tomorrow had better be better than this.  Medicaid sucks.  I can’t wait for our new insurance to kick in.

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