Second Round

After being callously rejected from the ER yesterday without a second glance or a test that made sense for my symptoms (I mean, come on.  A chest X-ray for lower stomach pain that wrapped around to my back along with syncope?) I went home, and I tried to carry on with my day while feeling utterly miserably ill.  I also felt really upset because I didn’t feel well at all and that doctor was really cruel to me.  The nurses were all really concerned looking and I felt that I was being mistreated again because of my insurance.  It seemed obvious to us both.  We figured there was really nothing to be done about it though.  He also made it a point of telling us that if anything other than “chronic pain” were going on than the morphine he gave me wouldn’t have helped because “morphine isn’t that strong.”  Yeah right!  Morphine is a very strong drug, that’s why they don’t sell it over the counter and they don’t just give it out like candy!  That sounded like complete BULLSHIT TO US!  (Plus I don’t suffer from chronic pain nor do I take any medications for chronic pain.  Chronic nausea, yes.  I digress, however.)



Master and me tend to go to bed at about Midnight these days and about five minutes to midnight I could tell my flank pain was starting to get worse again.  I said something to Master about it.  He said I should try to sleep because maybe that would help, and if it woke me up as bad as it was before we would just have to go to the ER again like we were told to.  Fair enough.  Guess what?

We woke up at 12:35AM and rushed right back to the hospital.  🙁

Everyone seemed a lot more worried this time because they weren’t very busy at that time of night (for one) and for two when they heard the name of the doctor earlier, it sounded like he does that to people a lot.  🙁  It makes me terribly sad to say that people get that sort of treatment because that it so awful and no one should have to deal with that when they are in such severe pain that they cannot move or find a comfortable position.  Nobody.

I spoke with not one, but three separate doctors because in their words:

“Two admissions in one day is really serious and we feel awful about how you were treated and that we missed something that has you feeling so bad.”


It took them two hours to get me any kind of pain relief and during that time my pain was so severe I could barely sit still, could not find a position of comfort, the slightest touch around my waist felt like agony and I tore my underwear and hernia belt off so fast it was almost comical.  Ha!

They nurse had no clue how to access my port and nearly stuck me twice with the same needle (HUGE NO NO, if Master Pravus wasn’t there to stop her I would have wound up with a nasty infection) all sorts of cringy things happened and also failed to properly access me at all so I insisted we try for a peripheral which was terribly miserable and unpleasant.

They did get me a CT scan eventually, some pain relief, and three bags of fluid.

Guess what?!

SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS my pain was NOT “NORMAL” GASTROPARESIS PAIN!  IT WAS FROM trying to pass a 4mm kidney stone!  No fucking shit people!  I likely fainted a few times that day from dehydration.  I’m just glad they decided to do the FUCKING TEST!  Whenever they actually do the test, it always shows what is wrong.  Crazy how that works, isn’t it?

So anyway, now I just have to wait for this to pass, and in the meantime I am waiting to see my new doctor (who is getting me in ASAP for the fracture in my spine on Wed.  At least I feel like my new doc is on top of things.  I just wish that the other doctor did the test when he was supposed to do it instead of sending me home and making us go back to the Emergency Room from midnight to 4AM.  We could have hammered things out from Noon to 3PM like we originally tried to do, when the pain started.  🙁  What can you do though?

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