What a Joke

Guess who was awake all night in tears last night?  Yep.  Me.

I went in to see my GP and it turns out I have not one but two kidney stones trying to pass.  Kind of the Emergency Department to only mention the 4mm one, wasn’t it?  One is 7mm (that’s  huge) and is obstructing the ureter.  The other is 4mm and hurts but not completely obstructive.

My doc was shocked they hadn’t admitted me to the hospital yet because she says there is no way I will pass these on my own with no stent.  :/

So my doctor told me she wanted me admitted to the hospital and the fastest way to do that was through the ER.  Of course, she called ahead and warned them I was coming.  I got there and the doctors acted like they had NO IDEA that my doc called.  Gave me a bag of fluid and tried to discharge me.  I told them to call my doctor, who wanted me admitted and to double check with her because we were told to have them call her if they tried to discharge us again.

They called but “claimed” she wasn’t there.  This was all going on in the same building my doc works in so Master Pravus ran upstairs to talk to her and find out what was going on.  She could not believe they were discharging me again (third time) for this problem when my stones are clearly obstructive. 🙁

Rather than call and fight them again she’s setting me up with home infusions starting next week and running through until I pass these.  She still doesn’t think I can pass these on my own but in the meantime while I wait for my specialist appointment she thinks the daily infusions are vital which is why she wanted me admitted.  At home nursing, here we come I guess.  At least there is a work around.  Plus new medicines.  Ugh.  I Check in with her soon but I don’t see the urologist for a while yet.

I’m pretty fucking miserable.  What a joke.

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