What An Awful Day

Wound up back in the Emergency Department again today.  I didn’t want to go but the on call doctor told me I HAD to.  Then, the Emergency Department discharged me without stabilizing my condition and despite the fact that that my doctor CALLED AHEAD AND TOLD THEM I WAS COMING they chastised me for showing up again so soon on the way out.  Um.  My doctor made me AND thought it was important enough that she called ahead. Srsly terrible experience today.  They gave me less than enough medicine to get to Monday IF it helps.  No joke.  
That was the worst part of the day.  Got that out of the way first. (In here I mean..)

I had Infusion today and since I’ll be getting it daily for a while they left me accessed.  They wrote the date on in case it winds up staying accessed for a whole week.  I got to see a few people I haven’t seen in a while which cheered me up.  One of them brought in a ton of treats for Easter and while I couldn’t eat most of them because of my gastroparesis I did get a can of chrysanthemum tea to try!  Nom!  (Clear fluids!)  Easter came a little early this year.  We all chatted about the Zoo and normal goings on and caught up which was kind of nice.  I need to go back tomorrow but I get to sleep in a bit later than I usually do which is kind of nice.

Today was really awful overall, but there were nice bits.  You just have to look hard enough to find them.

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