The Unwritten Rules

I started crying when I got into Infusion this morning.  One of my favorite nurses was on and when I came out from the bathroom it looked like she had set up my Infusion chair with presents from Infusion people.  One of the people who knows me here (We will call her L) made me a sign and left a few peanut butter cups.  She doesn’t know I can’t eat them because we don’t really talk about what’s wrong with us but she saw me in a ton of pain yesterday (near tears) and she left them there to cheer me up.  The way she decorated them with smiles made me smile too.  :))

And my favorite nurse left me a card and present.  The card was so sweet:

The inside was just so full of hope and inspiration and it made me cry.  It might have been because I was feeling fragile and full of pain meds, but… It was way above and beyond and she did not need to, you know?  It was something way beyond anything I expected to find at Infusion this morning.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was a note inside about how “C” (the nurse who gave me the card) thought my pig (Applepig) needed a friend, and there he was! “Grumpy Cat Couture!”

In the disaster of the week, between all the hospital runs and accesses and needles and CT scans and fights with horrible people at the ER to make them do what my Doctor told them to on the PHONE and all the stress and all that, this little surprise this morning was a reminder that people really do care.

It isn’t the presents, either.  I felt so awful for being so whiney about it yesterday, and then to come in to Infusion today and know that, no doubt they all definitely still stand by me and wish me well meant so much.

We all try to be very supportive of each other here and day to day we all try hard not to complain.  It’s somewhat of an unwritten rule at Infusion.  Some people just need hydration or a B12 shot and others are dying.  You don’t complain because while everyone’s situation is different there literally are people who one day come in here and the next day don’t.  People at Infusion understand that better than people from other places.

I think people saw me at my worst physically yesterday and I was terrified I made a bad impression on them all.  I know the rules, both written and unwritten.  This morning, there were presents waiting for me and none of the other patients.  Cards.  That is a precious kind of support that I am grateful for.  I am sorry to have missed L and sorry that C wasn’t on today.  I’ll see them later, and thank them.


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