IV No Show

Little bit of Frankie’s feet visible to the right there.  Hehe.

I thought wearing a tee shirt would mean you couldn’t see my dressing today but I guess it is going to show pretty much no matter what.  The dressing is huge.

Poor Master Pravus felt really sick at dinner time suddenly and he is laying down now hoping to feel better.  I feel bad seeing him suffer and I wish I could help him more.

The clinic I go to has been trying to get my home infusions set up with no luck yet.  The nurses have not called me yet.  So, here I sit dehydrating away.  I can barely sip anything.  Ugh.  I’ve been accessed since the fifteenth though continuously because I was supposed to be receiving IVs daily at home.  The last time I needed home care from nurses it took ten days to show up?  Well, three and then ten.  They were supposed to come every other day though.  Let’s see how reliable this new company is.  I’m really hoping they work as they are supposed to though.  I know my doctor is busting ass and the nurses over there have called a couple times today alone telling them how badly I need the fluids.  Fingers crossed.

Still haven’t passed any kidney stones. 🙁

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