Send More Tubes!

I’m sitting patiently waiting for a call back from my lovely Infusion pharmacist today.  Over the weekend my nurse, Master Pravus and me all realized we were not sent enough IV tubing.  My prescription is for me to receive two bags of fluids a day, and when my nurse saw how unsteady I had been she (or Master Pravus, depending on the day) had been spiking my bags ahead of time for me so that my only job (once I am alone with my line) is to swap lines, swab the lines with alcohol, heparinize my line and then disconnect.

We realized over the weekend that the nurse had intended for us to swap the tubing over from the initial bag to the second bag, which is fine except I completely lack the strength for it.  😿  You’d need to tear the spike out from the first bag (which is hard, plus you can’t touch it because it has to stay sterile!) then stab it in the next one.  Master Pravus isn’t home when I’m getting these IVs usually though.  So, hopefully she calls back ASAP because if not someone named me will not be drinking anything tomorrow.

That’s how I’m drinking right now: through my port.  I barely get more that a cup of fluid a day in orally otherwise anymore, and that’s usually medicine.  No good.  Anyway, the Infusion people have been great so I’m sure they will call back soon.

Also, it was my fault for not saying anything to them initially, but the dressing for my port they sent is a Tegaderm and I’m really allergic to it.  YIPES!  So hopefully she’ll send out a better one because I want to scratch the crap out of this but I know better.

Still no stones out yet, but, Master Pravus let me sleep with one of his shirts last night instead of my nightie, and that made me feel a bit better.  I love sleeping in Master’s shirts.  They smell like him, and they feel like a hug when he’s not there.  ::Sappy lil sigh::

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