Nurse Gone Rogue

May the 4th be with you!

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  Kind of a sweet day for a birthday, huh?  You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing my Star Wars nightie today to celebrate.

I tried to eat a few bites of really soft rice noodles today and I got really ill.  Eating is just getting worse with time, not better.  I think the antibiotic they put me on after my surgery to prevent a kidney infection is making things worse on my gastroparesis but it’s mandatory AND I only have one more dose.

We’re really grumpy with L.  After not calling me two days after she was supposed to in order to set up an appointment, Master Pravus called her.  She is supposed to be following me, and we should not have to chase her.  She acted like it was no big whoop.  She keeps acting very much like my care is no big deal, but when you can barely eat or drink, your nurse is kind of your lifeline.  Master Pravus was about to call and complain about her but the office was closed and he got the answering service.  He may try again tonight.  This is getting kind of ridiculous.

In some fun news, MIL sent me some birthday money so I got to go on a spending spree.  =^^=  I bought a skirt from my favorite clothing designer and a custom made bra from my favorite lingerie store.  I can’t wait to model them when they get here.

I apologize ahead of time for any spelling mistakes!  My vision (up close) has been very poor since the surgery,  but I guess this is a side effect of the particular antibiotic I am on.  I will be back to normal shortly after stopping I guess.  I fixed what I could find but things are still so blurry and I will fix the rest when I can see better.

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