Fuck The Flower Shop

Master Pravus is on the way home WAY early and he will NOT be going back to work the flower shop ever again.  The dispatcher who was on today kept telling him that she had a route all ready for him and his flowers were in the cooler truck in the back.  She made him wait two hours while a bunch of brand new drivers came in got flowers and left.  A few other seasoned drivers came and left with their flowers as well.  

After all that she told him she’s printing his route.  Goes away, gets a cart of leftover flowers from the back.  The flowers are all from far away.

She tells him to just take tags off the flowers and then she will print him a route.  That’s the short story.  Master Pravus is a seasoned flower deliverer and has been doing this for a long while now.  This particular dispatch person was the same he used to work with before he got his full time job and she was obviously holding a grudge over it because they were having a harder time getting the flowers delivered during the week.  It’s not an easy job (and doesn’t pay great) and apparently they have not been able to hire on a new driver yet.

After the sheer amount of disrespect he was shown, he decided this job wasn’t worth it at all.  He’ll go back to occasional side gigs.  He politely told them:

“I quit.”

Turned in his time sheet, and scurried out the door.  This is not the first time they have dicked him or us over with something so petty and it isn’t worth it at all.  We might have had to deal with it before when Master Pravus was between jobs but definitely not now.

“Good news,” he told me. “I’ll be with you on your birthday.”

Well, there IS that.

The moral of the day is: Fuck you.


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