Two-Fifths to Sea-Pacity!

“Ooh! Squidward! There’s a part two!! What’s for part two??!”

That was kind of how I felt today when I heard the doorbell ring unexpectedly and there was a package there for me from Big Bro in Law.  PART 2!  I thought part 1 of my birthday present was kind of more than enough but who turns down part 2?  Nobody, that’s who.  Part 2 was ANOTHER sea monkey kit off my wishlist.  I was so excited I almost started dancing!

Right now I have one full sea monkey kit with adults and everything in the sea monkey Spongebob tank.  I need five total to reach sea-pacity.  =^^=  I started the kit Jade sent me three days ago, but I can’t add it to the big tank and out of the mason jar for another five days or so when these ones mature a bit more.

NOW I have a third kit on standby for when Jade’s kit goes into the tank.  I can’t wait to post the tank when it gets full of sea monkeys.  Tee hee.  My dreams of a tank filled to seapa-CITY (bwahaha) are coming true!  Ooh!  I only need two more after this one!  Squee.

💙  Thank you big bro.  💙

It’s the neverending birthday.  LoL.

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