He Fills Me With Light

A few days ago I managed to finish every single thing I needed to before Master Pravus came home, and rather than start up a video game or something in the fifteen minutes or so before he came home I decided to go sit outside on the porch with my tea on the swing and stare at random YouTube videos of stupid things like people smooshing paint (don’t laugh, it’s pretty soothing).  He showed up, and started smiling like crazy.  I started smiling like crazy too.  We both smile like idiots the second we see each other.  “NRE” doesn’t exist to us.  We have always acted like a sickeningly in love couple since the minute we met and we probably always will.  When he got out of the car, he remarked that he liked seeing me on the swing when he came home.  I put this in my brain meat for Friday.  (The next day.)

Friday rolls around, and despite not quite finishing everything, I made it a point to be outside when Master Pravus came home.  I just brought my laptop outside so I could do my computer work out there.  It was nice anyway, and I like being out there.  Again, Master Pravus beamed.  I greeted him cheerfully (don’t you think?) and he was quite pleased to see me.  I was so happy to see him too.  It doesn’t matter how depressed I might be.  Seeing Master Pravus is an instant cheer up.  That’s not to say that Friday was awful.  It really wasn’t, but being alone all day never has me in quite as happy of a mood as I could be- especially in this heat.  We decided to go out on Friday night in search of some lawn stuff and wound up with a couple really silly pictures.

“Look at this fabulous mushroom I found, Master!”

Not to be outdone, Master Pravus found a bigger one, of course.

We didn’t buy the mushrooms.  They weren’t actually what we were there for.  We got some solar string lights and a hanging plant pot that Master Pravus said was perfect even though we have no plant for it.  Admittedly, it is our style, and you can always find a plant later.  We also got a couple little garden stakes for Lionel to play with..

I’m not dying of course, but I do flicker less brightly without Master Pravus around.  Much less brightly.  I knew that this would be a weekend of flickering at low flame too because sadly he was going to be working an event all weekend.  I guess it’s not super sad.  It’s good to work a random event from time to time.  Still, it’s sad for me because then it’s Kitty doing normal Kitty things.  Sweep the floors, run the Infusion, scrub the toilets, try to eat something, fold stuff, wash dishes.  The good news is that I don’t make many dishes but still.  When Master Pravus works events he is gone much longer than normal and on Saturday he was gone until nearly midnight.  Long day!

We had to change my port dressing, not the needle but just the sticker bit.  I’ve been scratching my chest like crazy almost since day one when we first got my at-home infusions.  I have really sensitive skin and this home infusion company doesn’t carry the dressing I normally wore in the infusion center (Sorbaview).  I only ever tried that one and the Tegaderm because that’s all that the Infusion center carried but I never broke out with the Sorbaview so I was fine with it.  So far I have tried so many for home care that I can’t even remember the names of them all and the one I am on now is called Duoderm.  I think my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw the size of it.

When I saw the size of the wrapper after Master Pravus had carefully cleaned up my skin of all the previous adhesive I was shocked.

“What on Earth is THAT?!”

“That’s your dressing.”  He sounded pretty flatlined.

“Am I supposed to sleep in it..?”

He cracked a smile at me and started laughing.

“I guess I could get a second one and we could make a sleeping bag…”

“I’m serious, where exactly is this supposed to go..?”

Before he could even put it on me, we had to take a picture of it in his hand so you could see what I’m talking about.  It is nearly three times the size of a normal port dressing, but definitely more than double.  I will try to get a picture of it next to an IV 3000 or something.  What the actual fuck?

Anyway.  We get it on me.

During a blog update, my old picture got corrupted, but I did have this picture of me wearing a Duoderm I was able to reupload. It’s a different picture, but you can see how thick and large the thing is.. YIKES.

This is the extra thin version of Duoderm and it is soo thick.  I can feel it if I move my arm, my neck, my head.  The glue kind of “oozes” out of the sides, and the sides kind of curl up a bit where they’re too large and they’re sticking into my armpit.  This is so..  Icky.  And it’s the last kind of dressing they carry, so if I have another reaction (like my skin breaking out in a rash of red dots or just turning bright red underneath) we’re just going to order a bunch of Sorbaview ourselves.  I mean, what other option is there? 

It’s not a huge deal anyway, there are a ton of supplies for Gob that my Insurance doesn’t even begin to cover though it is of course nice when they do.  I’m awake all night trying to scratch through my dressings.  Curse my gorgeous looking sensitive porcelain Ehlers-Danlos skin!  And curse the medical frigging supply company for carrying five or six dressings none of which comply with my sensitive freaking skin.  🙁  This last one truly is a beast.  If it works we will use it, but it really is kind of messy and unpleasant so far.  Still, if it’s not itchy…!

It was kind of a lonely weekend for me, and next weekend is going to be really awful for me because Master Pravus will be working again.  We had plans to go to Pride this year but worse than not going to Pride is that Master Pravus will be working..  At Pride..  Without his Kitty!  :((  Poor Kitty will be all alone.  During Pride.  Missing her Master.  I guess it’s hard when you were planning on attending an event with your Master.  Then, not only can you not go but he will be there and you will not.  Even worse is that he won’t really be enjoying it like he would have otherwise because he’ll be working, but you’ll be all alone.  It’s just hard being left out.  If he was going to be working his usual job or another event it would be hard missing out on Pride, but it’s hard missing out on Pride together.  I can’t help but to be sad about this.  Maybe next year.

NOTE:  Deepest apologies!  When I upgraded my website a while back, some of my entries lost their photos, and this was one of them.  🙁 I was able up upload a picture that I’m wearing Duoderm in.. But it’s not a picture I took for this entry. At least you can see the thing.

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