Duoderm Is On My Shit List

I had the WORST reaction to the Duoderm ever.  My skin looks like I have poison ivy all over it.  I was up all night with swelling, itching, oozing, weeping, misery.  I tried Benadryl (long shot I know, seeing as this is a skin reaction but we do crazy things at 3AM) cool compresses and other than that I had to wait until the nurse line was open at 7AM.  Now I’ve been instructed only to put gauze on my port until Monday.  Yes, that’s a higher risk of infection than a sterile dressing but weeping skin under a sterile dressing is an even higher risk of infection than the gauze says the nurse.  OK.  That’s the plan then.  We don’t like either plan but I just hope my skin heals quick.  This is awful.

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