Beneath the Anthurium

First things first as usual, and that means it was time to once again change my port dressing and needle.  Taking off the dressing we found a horrible mess underneath.

Allergic to the Duoderm

The camera always seems to wash out reds and so it isn’t showing up as horrible as it is, but you can see the awful mark that was under the Biopatch.  What a nightmare.  It was completely red.  I had blisters and they were oozing.  I’ve had red skin, itchy skin, but nothing like this.  This was the worst reaction I’ve ever had to a port dressing yet.  We cleaned it up as best we could, reaccessed me, and then put some IV3000 we had leftover kicking around on it.  We knew I reacted to IV3000, but at the same time, I didn’t get blistering skin from it and we had to put something on me.

I’ll be cursing Duoderm in my sleep for the next few weeks I’m sure!

Meanwhile, a couple of days prior one of Master Pravus’ neon tetras wasn’t looking well.  We took his fish out of the tank and separated it from the other fish into the hospital tank.  We had looked up his symptoms and he seemed to be suffering from neon tetra disease.  You can research this yourself but, unfortunately there is no treatment and no cure for this disease.  We weren’t sure what we wanted to do about the fish.  The humane thing seemed to be to put him down with clove oil perhaps..  However, we weren’t ready to do that. 

There is another disease that mimics neon tetra disease and it is bacterial, so there was a chance the fish might improve with treatment.  By Friday night, the fish hadn’t eaten in four days and he was sitting in the bottom of the tank gasping for air, barely breathing.  Master Pravus decided that was the proper time to humanely put him down.  This was so hard on us both.

While we did not know the fish for very long, it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to a life.  Each and every one of us has very little time on this Earth.  This fish had even less time than most of us get.  That’s just so sad.  We were hoping that it wasn’t neon tetra disease, and that’s why we didn’t euthanize the fish sooner.  Still, he had all the symptoms, including the crooked spine.  It was awful.  We didn’t name any of the tetras when we got them because we decided that there were too many and they all look the same.  How could you tell them apart?  When he went into the hospital tank, Master Pravus named the little tetra “Agamemnon.”  He thought having a name might help the little guy pull through, or start eating, in the case that it wasn’t the deadly disease.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.  In life, he had no name.  In death, he was Agamemnon.

We brought the fish out to the garden and we buried him under the anthurium.  We had a ceremony and I shed tears for him.  We keep hoping the anthurium will come back.  I don’t know if it will, but maybe Agamemnon’s spirit will help.  Poor sweet little fish.  Gone far too soon.  Love you forever, little guy.  <3

Look away, neighbors. I don’t think you want to see what I’m going to do to your lawns. 😉

With Agamemnon’s passing we’re concerned for the other fish in the tank.  He must have acquired this from the fish store we got him at before we purchased him.  You get neon tetra disease from eating dead fish, or from another fish who has the disease.  We thought we bought him from a reputable family owned business.  We are appalled.  Neon tetra disease is highly contagious.  None of the other tetras are showing signs of the disease right now, but we are keeping a very close eye on them.  We do not want the other fish to get picked off one by one.

Saturday Master Pravus went to work at Pride.  I was kind of sad because of course I would have loved to go, but I couldn’t go with him.  We have gone to Pride in the past together and were planning to go this year, but work came up and it happened to be AT Pride of course.  Still, I was a lucky kitty and I got a present!  Master Pravus came home with a rainbow tutu for me!


We have a nice gay couple living across the street and we’ve chatted a bit, but we’re not close or anything.  We aren’t really close with any of the neighbors though.  Of course, after Master Pravus came home and gave me the tutu I wanted to wear it so I got dressed and we went outside to take pictures.  The neighbor was outside too and he was drinking with a friend of his.

“Ooh,” said the friend.

“OOH!” said the neighbor, followed by “HI THERE.”

It’s like my tutu was a symbol that we were safe to talk to.  Well, of course we are safe to talk to.  I’m a polyamorous genderqueer slave to my Master, Master Pravus, and my Master is a polyamorous Master living a leather lifestyle.  I think we are safe for a couple of gay people to talk to.  Sometimes you need to wear a rainbow tutu for people to know though I guess.  We are always respectful of public areas so you might not know if we didn’t tell you.  We need to get a rainbow flag on our lawn though, Master Pravus says.  A few other flags too.  We’re working on our lawn though.  Hey, we just got our gnome!  Hehe.  Speaking of, here’s a picture of us kissing with a gnoman backdrop.

Gnome Kiss

Sunday Master Pravus didn’t need to work too late but he was completely exhausted when he came home.  We sat on the porch swing for a couple of hours and just stared off into the street chatting about this and that until it was time to go inside and do all the night chores.  We both hope there are no upgrades or anything crazy at work this weekend because he’s just so tired from working two weeks in a row with no break.  He needs time off and it’s so obvious.  Just a couple days to sleep in would be so nice.

Crinkle cave kitty!

Spending the weekend mostly alone meant one thing for me: it didn’t feel a whole lot different than a normal week.  I got time with the kitties, and I worked on my blog, and I did a lot of chores and things.  Normal stuff.  I didn’t get all the “extra” time with Master Pravus that I hunger for all week though.  Greedy little kitty.  Soon.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  Only a few more days.  😉

Crinkle cave nap time

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