Tightly Packed

Friday night Master Pravus decided he wanted me to do my Vlog and he wanted me to black his boots while he did it.  So, I gathered up all my supplies and he tied my apron on me.  He did this fancy pattern that I thought was nifty that he hadn’t done before.  See?


After Master Pravus’ boots were shiny, we really felt like our weekend had begun.  It was a great way to start our nice long weekend off together.

That night, we were just so excited.  This was the first four day weekend that we’d had off in a good long while.  We had so many exciting plans for the weekend and we couldn’t wait to spend it together.

The next morning, after my Infusion, we went down to the local fish store.  We’ve been having a hankering for a couple more amanos for the tank.  Master Pravus said he wanted to get two more, so that was what we did.  Their names are Vivec and Almalexia!  Lookit!  See how cute they are??

While they were acclimating (we were constantly monitoring them and adding new water into their bag, etc to get them used to their new tank’s PH as well) we had some work to do outside.

Saturday we raised the Leather Pride Flag on our porch!  It is so beautiful and we are so in love with it.  I adore seeing its beauty each and every time I go outside, leave the house, come home, etcetera.

Leather Pride Flag

We had to go down to the hardware store that day, to get a grommet kit to put a couple extra grommets in the flag, and while we were there we got a single starter kit of daisies for Lionel.  We are slowly adding some flowers to the front lawn.  It’s a process.  A slow process, but it’s looking nicer every day!

Lionel, hiding amongst the daisies!

During the weekend Master Pravus also took my metal cuffs back out!  I haven’t had these on in a while, but I haven’t been to the hospital in a while either so he felt comfortable putting them back on me for now.  🙂  It felt good to be wearing them again.

Jingly Jangly

We didn’t leave the O rings on them, those are just for play time, but they do make a delightful little “tinkle” “tinkle” “tinkle”.

Ooh, I haven’t talked about Butterball yet!  Who is Butterball??

Butterball is my practice Puppy.


Those eyes are just like REAL puppy eyes! See??

See, I’ve wanted a puppy for a super long time.  Since forever.  Master Pravus recently divulged that he has a soft spot in the confines of the hardened space beneath his breast bone where he may habor feelings for dachshunds.  The pupper in question absolutely must be a smooth black and tan dachshund.  No other type of dachshund will do.  Now, as long as we have two kitties we will not be getting a puppy.  So, this practice puppy Master Pravus bought me is to teach me responsibility with a doggy for a good long time so that when the time comes and we are ready and the time is right in our lives to get the adorable little doggy-woggy then I’ll know what to do in every dog situation possible and I’ll be well-knowledged.

Also, I needed to use the little kittygirl’s room at the grocery store, and when I came out, Master Pravus had this little plush thing in his hand and he said we simply needed him because he was the exact plush dogification of our future doggo!  Plus, I mean..  LOOK AT HIM:

LOOK at this glorious little thing!

So all weekend long, Master Pravus keeps me on my toes with the doggy.

“He’s digging, Kitty!  Dachshunds dig!  What do we do when Butterball is digging?”

“Kitty doesn’t know, Master.  :(“

“You distract him!  Give him a dog toy!”

“We don’t have a dog toy…  “

“You’re right Kitty!  Put one on the list, for next week’s groceries!”

And at night I was going to bring him to bed.

“No, Kitty.  You don’t bring a puppy to bed.”

“What, where does he go?!”

“You need to crate him.”


“He won’t like it, but you need to crate him.”

“Where do I get a crate?”

He brought me to the shipping station for the Mewtique and we found a box twice as high as Butterball and big enough that he could curl up.  As soon as I put Butterball in there he started yipping, and he yipped the whole time until I went into the bedroom.  Hopefully he settles down.  I put a little washcloth on the bottom so it’s not totally bare.  I also put a little stuffed animal rat in the bottom since I have a million of those.  Poor little Butterball.

So hopefully with my “practice puppy” I learn all about how to care for a puppy!  Of course, I had dogs growing up, but never a puppy.  Mine were all house broken and much older when I had one so it was much different.  🙂


We had our late night sparkler fire and stuff on Monday because Master Pravus needed to go back to work on Wednesday so we couldn’t be up super duper late then.  We didn’t need a lot of fireworks, but we went out and got a couple of extras as we always do.  On our way out, we saw a box that said “FREE” and it had a giant puppy in it.  WE HAD TO RESCUE IT.  It is the nature of the beast.

When The

When we saw him on the side of the road we couldn’t stand the thought of him hitting the trash can if no one took him!  So we brought him home and he lives in the back yard only now.  He didn’t come in the house.  There was a giant UHaul truck outside the house in question so I assume they just didn’t want him anymore.  Poor pupper!  This was pretty much puppy weekend!  So, we renamed him Willem. 

Willem’s backstory is that he was rejected by his old Mommy and now he enjoys smoking and gambling.  He likes to tan and has a “fuckit bucket” kind of attitude.  He’s a good egg who just needs some love.  Because he was found outside though, he’ll never be an “indoor” plush.  Sorry Willem.  Them’s the rules..  Unless we get a freezer big enough for him to go into cryo.  Here he is comfy in his new home.

“Fuckit, maan.”

Willem got to see the “fireworks” which were really just some sparklers, morning glories, and smoke bombs for the first time.  And we had a really good time.  I can still eat marshmallows, just not a lot at once or anything, and they have to be super squishy.  I never liked them raw anyway so no loss there.  Woo hoo.  Marshmallows.  So I got to have one of those.  Nom.  <3


I was just teasing Applepig, so I put him up on the firepit tripod before we lit any fire or anything.  Hehehe.

The next day we were outside and Master Pravus told me he wanted me to water the daisies.

“Are you OK with the fact that they may die after that, Master?” he knew I was only teasing him.  (I do not have a green thumb.)

“Yes, I’m OK with it.  If they die, I take full blame and responsibility.”

So I gathered up the watering pail and I did my best.  I hope they don’t die!

Please live, daisies!

We even got the shiny red bondage tape out too, which was nice.  I was not unhappy.  Nope.

Shiny and red

So, it was a nice “weekend” for us.  Next weekend Master Pravus is working but that’s OK.  The hours aren’t insane and we have some fun coming up too.  We’ve been having lots of fun lately and I know I’ve been really lucky.  I’m so glad things are finally feeling more normal for us both in a lot of ways.

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