Try, Try Again!

The weekend was not the most exciting one for either Master Pravus or me because he was working an event.  Poor kitty had to be home alone a lot, and Master Pravus was away late afternoon Saturday until nearly midnight, and then again for about a normal day on Sunday.  Weekends where Master Pravus is gone most of the time always feel longer than they really are.  They even feel longer than normal work days.

Friday when we got home, I sat and held his ashtray for him while he smoked a clove and we chatted about his day and mine.  I told him that my journal was almost empty and so he said that we could go and buy a new one.  I have always had a journal, and buying a new one is kind of a big production for us.  He even took a video of it this time.  Linkie is here.

We have toyed with the thought of taking me outside for my infusions a few times.  Every morning I wake up, and I wait excitedly for my infusion to end, only to have to wait hours before I can go out on the porch because I don’t want to bother the neighbors.  Not only that, but there are sometimes unsavory characters in our area and I can’t always just easily run into the house on a pole.  Master Pravus has thought about rigging up the porch swing in a discreet way so that I could get my infusions, but you wouldn’t see my bags, but, you would obviously still see the tubes coming out of me which would still be kind of intrusive.  I don’t want all of the neighbors asking me what is wrong with me.  They may see a needle, but none of them know what the thing coming out of my chest is right now, and thankfully no one has asked.

Fluids a la camping style! 😉

So, while Master Pravus was home we came up with this as a solution, in the back yard.  I can’t do it all the time, it depends on the temperature outside and all that.  Plus, I need help carrying the pole and all that because it doesn’t roll across the grass.  It was kind of nice.  I was able to get my fluids outside in the shade of the tent, but we were too chicken to change bags out there, in case some dirt or something blew in!  We ran into the house for that part, for the Heparin and all those things.  Still!  It was nice.  Then, we just went to the porch swing when we were done with the fluids, so no neighbor saw anything, but also I wasn’t “trapped” inside for the first part of the day.

Just when we thought I was over my last horrible reaction to a sterile dressing, I had another one, and I broke out in a blistering rash again.  :/  It was pretty awful.  The nurses said that it might not have fully healed and we should give it more time this time.  They also sent us some skin prep to put down before we put the sterile dressing on, but we can ONLY try it after I completely heal, which means that I’m stuck with gauze again.  I got two days with a clean sterile dressing before I got sent back to gauze.  Good lord.  ITCHY!  Fuck’s sake.  >.>

My attempts at gardening are going..  Well they are going!  Look!  Overnight, my dying anthurium just came back to life!  Can you believe that??  It just sprung back!  It’s almost like it just needed a little mist and water and TLC and fertilizer and it is fine now.

Red blooms!

Okay.  Fine.  That’s not the same plant.  You got me.  I’m not very good with plants, and truth be told, anthuriums aren’t the best thing to be planting in the ground in 90* temperatures.  They like it a bit less hot.  I know, I know, but LOOK at that thing.  Look at it, OK!  Master Pravus saw it in the store and he bought me another one to replace the dead one..  He made a video of me planting it, if you want to see that it’s here.  I want to chalk up the fact that I’m not doing well with the anthurium to the fact that it’s not really meant for 90* temps, or that it’s dry here (even though I both water AND mist the thing), but we have a patch of daisies, and those are starting to wilt too.  You would think that I could handle six daisies but I don’t know.  Is it the heat?  We’ll see.  It’s supposed to cool down after tonight’s rain and thunder storms.  That’ll be good for us all.

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