That’s A Big Bear!

Me and Stephen!

Out running errands the other night, Master Pravus and me saw a giant bear!  It’s true that I don’t have a lot of bears, but Master says that what I don’t have in bears I make up for in abundance!  I mean, I have Bearbosa, who is a sizable bear too, but he’s not for snuggling.  He sits up high on a shelf and he is not a snuggle buggle like this bear.

When I saw Stephen (that’s this bear’s name!) I struggled to lift him (I believe he is over my three pound lifting limit…) but I did manage to eventually get him into the cart.  Master stood there and laughed at me, and said how cute I looked with the bear.

“What will you do with him, Kitty?”

“What will I do without him, Master?”

I was grinning like an idiot looking at Stephen, and seeing me with such a big bear even made Master smile.  What jaunty ears and toe beans to spare!  You can’t even see his swishy-wishy taily-waily from this angle, but trust me, it’s adorable.  Also, the bear was on sale for a pittance.

“That’s a fair question.”

He let me keep the bear.

Of course, as with any new plush that comes into our house we had to do a photo shoot with it.  I hope you enjoy seeing me with Stephen as much as Master and me enjoyed taking pictures.  Stephen hasn’t figured out quite where he will live in the house yet, but we’ll figure it out soon.  In the meantime, we’re trying random places out to see where he works.

Stephen, Styxxie, Me!

Styxxie had to investigate.  After all, we’re talking about a four and a half foot tall bear!  It’s almost as big as her mama!

Most Comfy Leg Ever

So cozy and snuggly.

If You Give Your Kitty Girl A Bear, She’ll Want To Snuggle It!

I are snuggle buggle!


Snuggle-up time.

Dat taily-waily!

This shot was purely because we needed to show you the taily-waily.  Master said that it was almost the size of my face!  I guess it kind of is…  Well, maybe half the size of my face.  😀

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