Needles and a Shrimp Tank


This weekend was really stupid.  It started off OK, Master Pravus got home and we made our bi-weekly Vlog.  After that we needed to hook me up to my fluids though and I don’t know what was going on with my port, but it wasn’t behaving.  :/  All week long, Master Pravus had been hitting it with one needle which had been great, but then on Friday for whatever reason- nope.  It took three to get it so that I could get my fluids.  My poor “border” area (the part where the tape sits: was getting slightly irritated by the end of this, but we de-accessed because we have to until I get completely healed from the last allergic reaction I suffered.  Itchy, itchy itchy.  Ugh.

The next morning, Master Pravus got me all set up to get my infusion.  I’m supposed to get them as early in the day as possible, but that’s not possible when he’s working and I’m not already accessed.  By about 2PM I had been stuck three times and hadn’t got a good stick.  Not only that, but we ran out of sterile gloves and had to wait for a driver to deliver them to us.

Frustrated, Master Pravus decided that it would be a good time to go and get a snail.  That might seem a little weird, but we were already planning on getting one for our tank and we needed a break.  Plus the fish store wasn’t far.  So we went on down and brought home Fargoth!  Woo!  He’s a really cute little Tiger nerite snail.  Love!

The place we go has cats that just wander around inside, and we saw one that was chilling out on top of a fish tank.  Like, literally chilling.  He was asleep at first, but woke up ten minutes later so I went over to pat him!  Too funny!

A Kitty On A Fish Tank??

Still, it took a few more needles to get me accessed properly, and to make matters worse, I was starting to get swollen and super itchy from all the tape.  It was getting harder and harder to feel the port through my skin and we were starting to think we wouldn’t get the stick!  Several sticks later I did get accessed, but it wasn’t until after midnight.  We were both exhausted and I felt so sick.  It’s hard going that long without my fluids.  Plus, I was starting to get really nervous about the needle poke into my chest.  :/  We were both pretty relieved when we got it.

Just when we were thinking about going to bed, Master Pravus called me over to him.

“Kitty!  There’s another snail in the tank!”

“What?!  I know I only released one snail.  You saw me.  There was only one in the bag!”

Lo and behold, there it was.


We weren’t sure what kind of snail he was, because he was so tiny.  We’re not even 100% sure as I’m typing this, because he’s so itty bitty, but he’ll grow and as he does he will be easier to identify.  He’s either a black devil snail, or an assassin snail though, and from the pattern on his shell he looks a lot more similar to an assassin snail.  Great.  Since we just brought home Fargoth, we can’t have these two snails in the same tank.  As Ezio gets bigger, he will attack and eat Fargoth.  Not cool.  If we had seen Ezio before we bought Fargoth, we wouldn’t have bought him.  That is some crummy luck.  Hrumph!

However, this did give us a good excuse to start our shrimp tank!  Hooray!  We went down to the pet store the next day to buy some livestock for the tank, and a couple more plants.  We ran into the grumpy bumble that works there who always drives us nuts.  He’s always being really rude, acting like we have no idea how to take care of our fish without even asking us about our tank or anything etc, and otherwise being obnoxious.  I wouldn’t mind some helpful hints from time to time. 

I do not appreciate being told that he doesn’t think I should buy any shrimp because he doubts my tank is ready BEFORE ASKING ME ABOUT MY TANK ITSELF.  He is constantly second guessing me and Master Pravus.  We haven’t really found a fish store we love here yet so we’ll keep looking if need be.  This is only the second family owned one we’ve tried since getting my aquarium for my birthday.  ::Ahem::  So now we have a couple shrimp in the tank and we’re going to add more shrimp slowly.

Master Pravus and Styxxie

So after all the poking and proding with my skin, my half dollar area (just around my port) and the border area are both incredibly itchy and back to feeling like leather.  I’m worried this thing will never heal.  Gah.

And poor Styxxie has a new symptom too.  We’re not sure if her disease is progressing or what is wrong with her, but I noticed two patches on her legs that are kind of bald and look like they are red.  I’m not sure if maybe all of that steroid we’re giving her is making her lose her hair or if this is from her tumor?  So, we have an appointment on Wed to get her looked at.  I’d rather be safe than sorry with my little one.  She’s a good little girl and we’re very careful with her.  She’s feeling so frail to me.  So small and fragile in my arms when I hold her.  She’s not in a lot of pain but she does still have a very drippy nose that we wipe for her a lot.  Poor girl.

I really wish this past weekend was a better one, but it was spent trying to get me accessed for the vast majority of it.  :/  It just was awful.  Getting the tanks set up in between sticks was fun, but I wish my fluids didn’t take up so much of the weekend!  We have plans for next Saturday so I hope that we can get me accessed faster.  I hope this rash heals fast so I can just stay accessed like I was before.

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