Off To The County Fair!

Time to go to the Fair!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the fair!  The last time me and Master Pravus had gone was back a few years ago, during the Blue Moon.  We had a great time then, but we couldn’t go last year, unfortunately.  This year we were able to go so I packed up Applepig, and off we went.  Originally we were planning on just going for one day, but we had so much fun that we wound up going for two days after all.

Standing In Line!

The night before, Friday, was actually pretty terrible.  I took so many needles to the chest trying to get accessed and I didn’t get accessed until 3:30 in the morning.  🙁  I slept in the next day until after noon, and I had to have my infusion before we could get in to the fair!  Awful.  Gastroparesis is such a pain in the ass for so many reasons.  Not to mention that while we were there I didn’t have as much energy as I would have liked and it was definitely a struggle getting around.  Still, it was worth it.  Master Pravus and me do not get out as much as we would like to and this was such a nice treat.  Neither of us regret it at all.  <3

We got there so late, and while the fair itself was only open until about nine at night, the carnival was open later, so we weren’t super worried because we knew there would be time to look around and then still fun stuff to do.

me and Applepig

We spent a lot of time just milling about looking at things.  We got to watch a pig show, and that was awesome because I freaking love pigs.  (Hehe).  We got to see exhibits of all sorts of things.


We went to the petting zoo and I got to pet goats and a burro and a spotted piggy!  I was in heaven.  I just love animals so much, especially farm animals.


We weren’t there super long (super late start, and my stamina is garbage) but after a while we went to the carnival.  I got to play the lucky ducky game.  You know, there’s all these ducks floating in a pool and you pick them out of the water.  You get a prize based on what colors are on the bottom of the ducks.  I love that one, but I love duckies.  =)

Master Pravus let me play a “Cupcake Crazy Ball” game I’ve never played before.  I guess “let” is kind of a funny word.  I thought he was going to play it, and then he kind of shoved the balls at me and said “You’re playing this one, Kitty.”  Heh.  Well, I didn’t do too bad either though because I won two more poos!  Master Pravus won me a medium sized poo at another game.

I won four plush poos, and a plush fishie at the carnival on the first day.  Hehe.  We had a blast!  Master Pravus got a giant bucket of French fries.  His dream come true!

There was another game that we decided to play, and it was one of those with balloons on the wall.  It said “Free Prize even if you miss.”  Now.  ALL of the carnival games said that, which is kind of a step up from when I was a kid.  Obviously, the better prizes were only to be had if you were able to be really lucky (picked the right “duck” “bag” etc, or had really good skills “landed in the right spot” or similar, but that makes sense.  This last spot was a total scam and we had no idea.  So, we paid our money and Master Pravus tried his arm at the game.  After all, it was a “boy” game.  So, he picked up one of the sand filled bags that you throw at the balloons and he missed.  (He paid for three tries.)  He picked up the second ball, and it bounced off the edge of the wood.  (Hey, now.)  He picked up the third ball, and KA BLAM!  He popped a balloon!  I knew he could.  Well, the lady came over, and gave us one of the prizes for people who miss.

“Excuse me, those are the prizes for people who miss.  He popped a balloon.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “It doesn’t matter if you hit or not.  Everyone gets the same prize.  If you pay again you get the next prize.  Did you want a different one from the pile?”

“No, that’s not how it works, that’s cheating people, and that’s not a skill game.”

She looked like she had given her speech a hundred times that day, but Master Pravus also knows that I do not like to be scammed.  He could tell I was really annoyed, and not about a toy, but about the principle of the thing.

“We’ll take the fish over there.” he said, and he lead me away.  But, he agreed with me that she was a scammy scuzzy lady and she should be ashamed of herself.  Because my next words out of my mouth were going to be that she’d better give me our money back.  I don’t take kindly at all to that sort of thing.  Master Pravus on the other hand, was telling me that it wasn’t worth it, and we had a lot of fun and not to worry about that fruity forest troll.  Her station was really empty.  I wonder why.  It couldn’t be that she was SCAMMING people, could it?  ::Cough::

After that last game we went home.  There’s a video of our first day at the Fair here.

*      *     *

The next morning was a bit tough because I had to wait for Master Pravus to come home from work!  He had some sort of upgrade he had to put in, and it was one of those things that he had to do in his off time when no one was working.  Still, they’re really good about giving him comp time so he can take me to doctor appointments and stuff.  We appreciate that a lot.


I was just getting off of my infusion when he came home, and we still didn’t get there until close to about three thirty or four on Sunday.  Of course, the late start gave Reddiboi plenty of time to rest up for his big day!  Hehe.  He’s so cute.

Cat Woman! 😀

Very shortly after arriving to the fair on the second day, Master Pravus took me to get my face painted!  He was going to get my face painted the first day, but by the time we realized there was face painting it was nearly 8PM, and it seemed like a major waste to get your face done up right before you wash it off.  🙁  So that was where we headed first.  Master Pravus was pouring through all the face paint designs and he wanted something to match my ears so he was going to go with Hello Kitty.  At the very last second, he saw a Cat Woman face paint design and he said, “Tell them Cat Woman!”  OK!  “Yes, Master!”  I felt a bit awkward about it though, because I didn’t feel that Cat Woman was my personality at all.  I mean, yes, outwardly she looks like a cat..  But I’m not really the “cat burglar” type.  I suppose I was in a sleek black thing that kind of matched though.

The lady was so nice.

“Do you want glitter?”


That’s what I said in my head, anyway.  Outwardly, I maintained my politeness and I said:

“Oh, yes please!  You can never go wrong with glitter, can you?”

To which my face painting lady replied:

“I agree, if someone doesn’t want glitter, I should charge double.” And she winked.  I don’t think she was serious though.  I hope she was.  =^^=

All done up:

All Done Up!

I wasn’t dressed very fancy at all, but I did get asked by someone to have my picture taken after I got my face painted.  I love having my picture taken, but I typically don’t expect anyone to ask for my photo unless I’m in cosplay.  Well, so far every convention or Fair I’ve gone to people have asked for my photo at least once.  I can’t take credit this time.  It wasn’t a costume!  I thank the fabulous face painters.

The only down side about face paint is it always makes me itchy!  I can’t say I’ve had a lot of face paint done, but even times where I’ve only had a tiny bit of face paint on my face, I’ve wanted to scratch it off the entire time.  Ugh.  Well, my Momma always said “You gotta suffer to be beautiful.”  Maybe that’s why we don’t get along well.  Still, if there’s face painting, I’m going to want it.  Promise.  Not that Master Pravus will always say yes, but I’ll want it.  Side note:  I didn’t ask for it.  He brought me to the stall randomly and said:

“Would you like your face painted, Kitty?”  I was so excited and wiggly and YES PLEASE.  😀  But we did wait until the next day.  <3

Aside from my face paint, we didn’t do a lot the second day.  We were hoping to find some of the things we couldn’t find when we went the first day, but we had a hard time tracking them down still.

Best decorated cake

We did see a couple exhibits we missed the first day.  I thought this cake looked soo cool!  I love the woodland faery look.  <3  I was expecting to see faeries dancing on it.  So beautiful.


Since we couldn’t find anything new, we mainly wound up checking out the old things and hitting up the petting Zoo again!  They had a pony on that day!  We went back to the carnival again and Master Pravus won me a Pikachu that we named Germaine.

Prizes and piggies

That was the second day.  It was shorter than the first, but we had fun.  We had a video and there’s some clips from the day and a synopsis here.  I love the Fair so much because I love all the animals.  I hope we get to go again sometime.

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