Home Again, Home Again

I was originally a Vlogger.

I started Vlogging over 9 years ago on YouTube (where, I suppose, most Vloggers Vlog).

I vlogged mostly solo for years and after we moved out here, I started to wonder what it might be like to start a Blog.  I enjoyed blogging quite a bit.  As I grew more and more ill, blogging allowed me a chance to still share, while not needing to do as much physically as I did when I was vlogging.

Since I restarted Vlogging, (with lots of help from Master Pravus this time, who is in many of the videos now) we both feel a huge sense of “home again.”

I was originally a vlogger.

Vlogging feels like home to me.  I love being on camera, and while I love writing too, the camera is my first love and I forgot how badly I missed being on YouTube.

I am not closing this blog.  I don’t post anything extremely racy on YouTube.  I don’t post nudes (of course).  I may post the occasional review here.  I may post a new bondage or kink experience from time to time if it is eye-opening and I feel that I wish to share it here.  <3

However, the bulk of my journey (unless anything changes) will be over on YouTube again for the time being.  If things change, I will absolutely update and let everyone know.  Sometimes things happen, and if it becomes easier or more appropriate to blog again instead of Vlog, I shall do that.  However, this blog is absolutely not going anywhere.  It may just lie in slumber for a while.

You don’t need to come and follow me anywhere else.  However, if you wish to you are more than welcome to.  You are always welcome at our table:

Red Vinyl Kitty’s YouTube Channel.  (Remember, my old channel got hacked irrevocably, please only follow me from this new one!)

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