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In His Hands

I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been really hoping the bleeding would settle down in my wound, but unfortunately nothing was getting better and we couldn’t just keep waiting. My doctor refused to see me until I went to the ER because in her words “I told you to go before, and my opinion didn’t change.” I guess I see her point, but we really didn’t feel that this was a life threatening emergency, because that’s the only real reason we (Master Pravus and me) feel you should go to an emergency room. At the very least, we feel that your doctor should be willing to look at it before they ship you off to the emergency room. “Dumping” patients on the ER is a huge problem and at least three quarters of the times we are sent to the ER could have been solved in an Urgent Care (but Urgent Care won’t take us) or a doctor’s office (but they won’t even look). I get that there’s a lot of reasons why, but really we just feel it comes down to lack of quality care out here. Bottom line: I wound up in the ER again because I literally had nowhere else to go, and I felt like I couldn’t just keep waiting on this wound that wouldn’t close. ::Sigh::

So, we got to the ER, and I will say we were lucky that they were empty. The doctor was nice, but he did seem surprised that my doctor was unwilling to look. He mentioned that lots of times doctors do just ship people to the ER without looking and that he felt like it had been happening more lately (but he did seem to say it as though he sympathized and thought it was garbage) but that he’d be happy to look and figure out what was going on.

Basically, putting this second Power Port in has not been a walk in the park and I’ve gotten an abscess over the old port site. I’m really relieved that hopefully antibiotics should clear it up though, and I’m resting and taking it easy until they do. With any luck at all (and I have to have SOME luck going for me) I should be okay and good to start packing up the house again soon.

It’s the weekend though, so it’ll be a lot of Master Pravus packing things up himself. I hope this is the end to a really annoying hospital stay that just doesn’t seem to want to end.

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