Do you guys have any IDEA how hard it is to bimbo for Master Pravus? He works in IT and some of the CEOs he works for ask him some STUPID shit. So even if I put on my biggest bimbo brain that day and try really hard, he’ll just deadpan me and think I’m asking him a legit question. I’m starting to think the man thinks I’m completely retarded now, and not kinking around. Case in point.

Last night we were just talking about something unimportant and then headphones came up, and I flirtily mentioned:

“Master, will these headphones work still if they don’t have cat ears on them?”

I was acting really, really over-the-top about it too. And he just. Looked at me and goes:

“Oh yeah, but they won’t be as cute…” and showed me how they’d work.


And I had to stop him and say “DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO ASK YOU A STUPID IT QUESTION?!! You’re getting jaded!”


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