Road to Rivendell: Week 20

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. I think that’s how the story went. ::Cough:: Well, it wasn’t the best of times for sure. Not for Kitty on her trek across from the Shire to Rivendell. Too much kept going wrong, but this week in particular she managed: 3.27 miles, which was slightly worse than the previous week.

And: something even worse and new happened… My FitBit (which I never wear to bed) has started to record my naps (which are completely unplanned and exhaustion-based) as “restorative sleep.” And this week it clocked me as having napped for over an hour and a half omgwtfbbq. If you’ve been reading here long term, you’re probably aware that I’m a terrible napper and I rarely manage a nap at all. So this is quite a lot of sleep for me. Heavy, unplanned for, midday sleep. >.> I’m still determined that this is a bad spat of luck and things are going to improve soon. I’m crossing everything.

74.45 Miles total.

313.37 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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