Sorry Cum

We were having sex, and I was riding an edge for so long. So unbelievably long. A ridiculous amount of time. So so long. I’m never like that. Just right on the edge of a cum and I couldn’t. I just couldn’t cum. Master Pravus knuckle deep, drops of sweat falling on my exposed tummy didn’t flinch.

“Good Kitty, that’s my slut. Master’s slut..” he said to me while I mewed like a ridiculous cat in heat. I couldn’t stop mewing, but I also couldn’t quite cum. And I don’t start mewing like that (he knows) unless I’m terribly, terribly close. But, it had been going on for so much longer than a minute or two- maybe even a half hour. This was completely not like me.

He had already blindfolded me so I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I felt him reach down and push on my lower abdomen and it pushed me over. It was exactly what I needed. I just started cumming and as soon as I finished I immediately splorped out with a completely panicked “I’m sorry,” instead of a completely gracious”Thank you.”

“I’m sorry.”

I don’t think I’ve done that before. I don’t think I’ve apologized for a cum taking me too long. I mean, some nights it just does take a little longer, some nights it takes less time. Some nights I cum instantly, some nights I cum in the usual amount of time. I mean. I’m a human being, not a machine that gets set like a timer. And I think that in my normal brain, the one that’s able to think and capably reason with logic I know that. But in a vulnerable state, you can’t just. I mean, it doesn’t always happen perfectly and our minds don’t always work out the way we want them to. I literally crapped out an “I’m sorry,” immediately after taking maybe ten minutes longer than usual to cum. I don’t even think it was the extra ten minutes really, but the edge was so much longer than that. And being stuck on it for so long. Oof. It was really hard for my brain to handle. I haven’t had a really long edge like that in so long. I can’t remember the last one. And this one wasn’t Master Pravus’ choice, so I think that added another texture to it.

But the reason we have Doms (and why I have a Master) is to remind me that it’s OK. To lovingly enfold me in his arms after I take an extra ten minutes to cum one time and tell me: “About what? Oh that? It’s fine. You’re fine. I didn’t notice. That’s the least important thing, I don’t care about it, you made my cock soo happy….”

I made his cock so happy. 🙂

That’s the important thing.

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