Road to Rivendell: Week 44

We’re getting somewhere? At least, it feels like we’re back to where we were before I got my ankle smashed nearly three months ago now. It’s not all better at all. I’m struggling with it quite a bit, but. This week I was able to walk nearly the same amount in miles as I did the week I smashed it. (I hurt it towards the end of the week,) so it really feels like I’m getting somewhere? If I wear my ankle stabilizer, I can make progress, and that’s something. So this week I managed 3.31 miles. I’m happy with that. I even made my step goal two of the days, but I don’t know how quickly that will progress. For now, I’m just glad I’m getting somewhere. It doesn’t have to be fast.

148.87 Miles total.

236.21 Miles left to reach Rivendell.

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