I love dandelions. Our lawn welcomes all sorts of wildflowers and plants, and the only weeds that get kicked out of it are true weeds, Things that actually overgrow, destroy the foundation or something. We don’t allow Poison Ivy for example but if a few dandelions pop up we’re not unhappy about it. Studies show dandelions may even have health benefits. But! What I like about them is the soul benefits. I use them to make wishes on.

I mean, wishes can only come true if we make them come true. And sometimes, we can’t fully realize our wishes on our own. We need help. Help can come in many forms. Maybe that form is from another person, but maybe it’s from another place, or another thing.

I think that making wishes helps keep your mind focused on the goals you’re trying to achieve. It helps you set your intention. If you say to yourself once “I want to take an art class.” You might forget and never go. But if every time you see a thing such as a wishblower (my little dandelion) you tell yourself “I want to sign up for an art class” you’re getting closer. You’re reminding yourself of what you want to do. You’re getting there. Someday, you might just sign up for that art class. But it has to be something you really, really want. You have to really wanna go to the art class. And when I see a dandelion, that’s what I do. I blow my wish away on it and I send it out with the seeds of intent.

“I want to”

It reminds me to keep working on what I want to do. It’s silly, yes. But it’s also fun. And Master Pravus likes watching me blow on the little seed puffs.

While we were out and I was sitting in the car waiting for Master Pravus to return from a drink run the other day (he was just picking up an energy drink) when he knocked on my window. Usually, he only does that if he gets me a drink or something too, but I didn’t need a drink so I was startled. I rolled my window down.

“Got you something,” he told me excitedly. My face:

“AHHH!  A Wishblower!  I get to make my wish!”  I said eagerly.  

Master Pravus went around to the other side of the car to watch me make my wish.  

I sent the seeds out with my intention, smiling.  Excited!  😀  This is the first good wishblower I have found all year!  In fact, we haven’t had any on our lawn at all this year.  Sad!

A few seeds didn’t actually go out of the window when I blew them, so I put them in my seed container to bring home.  (Of course I have a seed container!  Do I honestly not look like someone who harvests seeds when I am out and about?)  I’m gonna see if they germinate on my lawn.  🙂

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