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Thanks for reading my blog and following our journey!  Every year, Master Pravus sets a goal for me, which is a little bit higher than the previous year. Some years I make it, and some years I don’t. If I make it, I get a prize! The prize is something I’ve been wanting, and I take a photoshoot with a picture of the item framed, and then put the picture on the wall so I can have something to look forward to work towards all year.

In the past, I have earned: a Keurig, a Wii U, a pair of (xxx) Fist Mitts, and this year I earned an armbinder! For various reasons, I don’t always make it and some of the items take me more than a year sometimes to earn. I don’t make these goals by myself though, I do it with the help of my readers and supporters like you.

This year, I decided that I’ll be updating this page monthly so that you can see my progress towards my goal. I’ll update sometime in the first week of the month, and I’ll post a note on Twitter or Tumblr saying when the goal meter has been updated.

How can you help me reach my goals? There’s lots of ways!

If you’d like to drop a tip, you can do so through any of my clip sites. | ManyVids | Clips4Sale | ApClips | iWantClips |


If you like exclusive adult content, you can buy a subscription to my MV Crush. For about the cost of a fancy cup of coffee ($4.99), you get access to clips, pics, and more, and you get to interact with me there.  You can sign up for that here.


You can also consider making a purchase through Kitty’s Mewtique (Currently down, I will update when it’s back up!) or buying something off her Wishlist.



If you are low on funds and want to help, you can still be super supportive!

Leaving comments on Kitty’s YouTube videos is super helpful, and she loves chit chat on her public Twitter.  (DMs are only for long time mutuals and customers.)

Please feel free to follow any of our socials (like Kitty’s Pillowfort), or to leave comments anytime on any of our blog posts. 🙂

Leaving hearts and reblogs on our content on all platforms helps loads, thank you so much!

Every time you share our links around, we’re very grateful.

Kitty’s P.O. Box is:

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Thank you so much for considering supporting us!  We appreciate each and every one of you!

::Kitty kisses::

Goal Meter 2022

Check the goal meter to see how the goal is coming throughout the year! Updated monthly. 🙂