Q: Will you join X site so I can watch you perform for free? Or, Will you give me your MSN, skype, yahoo, etc messenger name?
A: Hi! Sorry, but I do not use messengers of any kind. Although I have lots of time in front of a computer, I do not have lots of free chatting time. If you want to get to know me, your best bet is through my blogs, my twitter account, or through email.  Not to mention, this is what I do to make my living.  I do not ask the grocery store for free food or the banker for a free house.  While I do enjoy performing, it is not something I give away for free.  Please respect that.

Q: Can I have your address? I want to send you something.
A: You are welcome to send mail to my P.O. Box:

Faete Grant

P.O. Box 266

N Quincy MA 02171

FYI: I will probably take a video or post pics of me with whatever you send, unless you explicitly say not to. ^^

Q: Will you be my slave?
A: No.

Q: Will you help me set up my website, blog, store, etc etc etc?
A: I’m sorry, but while I’ve helped a few friends in the past, I no longer have time to help each and every person who asks me. 🙁 If you’re wanting to get started as a cam host, I’ve been with www.imlive.com in the past, and I have a lot of love for them.

Q: What’s your email?
A: You can send me messages directly to my inbox using the contact form on the site. 🙂


Q: How often are you online? I never see you on!
A: Unfortunately after I started having so many major surgeries, I was forced to retire from live adult video chat.  I still make clips for various sites, please absolutely check those out.  While I may not offer live webcam chat anymore, I still love making adult content!

Q: I’m interested in becoming a web cam chat host. Can you please help me?
A: I’m sorry, but I cannot. In the past I have helped many women set up chat rooms, websites, etc. As time goes on though, I simply do not have the time to dedicate to helping you get started. If you just don’t know where to begin, the place I always used was www.imlive.com and I loved it there.  There are many other sites though, feel free to use Google to get you started!


Q:  Will you review _________ for my site?  I have read your reviews and would love to have you review for my store.

A:  Probably, if I like your store, and have not reviewed the items you would like me to review for you before.  Before you write to me, please understand that I will not pay for shipping or the items themselves if I am reviewing them.  I also will give you my 100% honest opinion of the item.  The fact that you would like me to review for you does not mean that I will give a bad toy a great review or vice versa.  All opinions of toys are my real and honest opinions, and I will not change that for anything.  If you would like me to review for you, please feel free to use the “Contact Me” form to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you!