Goodbye, Autumn

This is another post written on Master’s order.  It’s something that we had been talking about, and he felt I should put into the blog.  Here goes.

It is the end of an era.  It was about two weeks ago when I received an email in my inbox from, telling me that they were closing down.  I was shocked, but only briefly, because I had seen this coming for a long time.  There are so few BDSM gear sites that I trust (I personally only really shop at three, when it comes to BDSM gear), and losing Sub-Shop feels like losing a place that I absolutely loved.  While I love all three places I shop for kinky gear, truly, I always checked Sub-Shop to see if they had the item in question there, first.

Autumn is such a gorgeous woman, both inside and out.  She would always answer any of my emails personally, advising me on this item or that.  She also always got back to me so quickly.  It is something I really came to appreciate from her website.

I have no clue why her and her Master have decided to shut down the site, but it has been a long time coming, unfortunately.  Master was the first person of the two of us to discover Sub-Shop.  While in the beginning she would answer back quickly, in the past couple of years, it was never ever Autumn who would answer my emails, and it would also take days to over a week to get a response.  As soon as they discontinued their affiliate program, as well as many of the items that they custom made themselves, I knew something was up.

I remember saving  up until I had over $400, so I could buy my first harness, tail, bit, and reins from Autumn when Master and me first got into pony play.  I still wear almost all of that same gear when we do pony play, and most of the things are still holding up after nine years of play!

I purchased my first anal toy from Autumn.

I purchased my first strap-on harness.

Master purchased my first set of bed time cuffs, and they have been worn almost nightly for over nine years now.

We have honestly purchased far too many things from Autumn to list them all here.  So many things from the Sub-Shop are still in like-new condition despite being in our collection for a few to several years.  Autumn will always be a part of our kink, because of this.

The quality of her items, and the memories that Master and me have shared with them makes me so sad that their site is shutting down.  True, I still have The Stockroom, and Taboo Leather, but I will miss both Autumn and her wonderful Sub-Shop  dearly.

Dear Autumn,

You are such a beautiful and amazing woman.  Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, your life, and your kink with us.  Thank you for being open and honest, and willing to help.  Thank you for offering quality pieces that have made me and Master’s lives even better, and more fun!  No one will ever match your quality, passion, or style.  You will be dearly missed.