Butt Beads are “Bust” Beads

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Babeland, oh Babeland, how I love thee!  But, how I do not love thy Babeland Butt Beads.  I had such high hopes for these too, and gave them several chances.  I really wanted them to be awesome.  They just didn’t want to work with my body.

First off, check these babies out!  They are a gorgeous deep blue.  The picture makes them look a lot lighter than they are, but they are every bit as wonderfully crafted.  They are 10.5″ long, and the largest bead towards the ring is 1 inch.  These would be a great beginner bead set, with the smallest bead being about as small as my pinky nail and gently “graduating” up in size.  They are made from TPR and are easy to clean.  You can boil them, wash them with soap and water, or use a toy cleaner.  Excellent.

Where these fell short for me, was in actual use.  I know that with anal play it is very important to use plenty of lube and go slow.  I applied plenty of lube, and slowly worked the first and then the second beads in.  I could not figure out why, but whenever I inserted merely one or two beads, I felt an intense burning sensation and had to remove them right away.  I decided to take the beads out, and wait another day.  I washed them thoroughly, and set them aside to dry. 

Master Pravus and me thought it may have been the brand of lube we were using, so the next night we tried another brand.  Same thing.  I did not want to give up on these beads though.  I’ve used beads before, but they were the unsanitary kind, and I really wanted to give the TPR ones a chance to wow me.  We tried a thicker lube.  We tried a thinner lube.  We lubes the beads generously.  We lubed my bum generously.  Nothing seemed to work.  I feel really bad saying this, but these beads are totally useless to me. 🙁

It is possible that I could be developing a sensitivity to TPR.  It’s possible that these particular beads just irritate me.  I do not know.  I have read other people’s reviews of the Babeland Anal Beads, and not seen anything about this happening to them.  I think this may just be a fluke-y thing that happened to me, but I still did not enjoy them. 🙁  Unfortunately I have to give Babeland Anal Beads 1 paw:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for giving me to opportunity to try out these beads in exchange for an honest and fair review. 🙂

While this particular set of anal beads is no longer on the Babeland site, they now carry a silicone set.  If you’re interested, I encourage you to check that out here.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I am sorry to hear that the beads caused a an uncomfortable reaction. I am checking in with our buyer and customer service about the material and to find out if they know of any similar reactions. Thank you again for your honest and informative review.

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