I Have A Rainbow Wedged In My Ass!

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Did you know that every time you shop at EdenFantasys, you get a free gift?  Well, I recently got this cool glass dildo for my free gift.  It’s the Rainbow Bliss, and it’s gorgeous!

Rainbow Bliss

As you can see in my picture, the Rainbow Bliss comes with a storage bag.  The bag is fuzzy and velvety, but there are no tags on the bag which tell you what it is actually made out of.  There is a string through the top of the storage bag so that you can cinch the bag shut.  The bag is not padded though, so take care when setting the toy down near other hard or fragile toys.

But enough about the bag!  (Pretty, though it is).  The Rainbow Bliss is a great glass piece for most anyone.  It doesn’t have much texture, and the majority of the toy is smooth.  The toy has a couple of “strands” of color running down the shaft, and a small groove on the head of the toy for a more realistic look.

The toy is 7″ long, with 6.5″ being insertable.  The toy is 1 3/8″ in diameter, too, so most people should be able to accommodate the toy just fine.  I personally prefer toys which are at least 1.5″ inches in diameter for vaginal play so I decided to use this one for anal play.  Thankfully, the toy has a lovely base to prevent insertion all the way into the anus, so it’s a go for us anal lovers.

The Rainbow Bliss Is See-Through

I consider myself an intermediate anal player.  I can accommodate small to medium pieces in my butt, and I really enjoyed this one.  It is a hard toy, so if you’re an anal beginner this may not be the best toy for you.  Glass has no give to it at all, so be sure you can accommodate the size before you dive in.

I really loved how the smoothness of the glass doesn’t call for much lube at all.  I also really liked how the toy can handle any type of lubricant.  My favorite type of lube for anal play is silicone, and I was happy to be able to use it with this toy.

I spread a very thin (just a couple of drops) of lube over the toy and the whole thing inserted pretty easily and comfortably with no pain or problems.  I do not notice the feel of those textured ribbons at all while I’m playing with the toy.  I think that is because while you can feel them in your fingers, they are barely raised above the surface of the toy so they aren’t intense or bothersome.

A View Straight Through The Base Of The Toy


While the toy has a base to keep it from slipping too far into the anus, I do not really like to wear this particular toy just around the house or during vaginal intercourse.  I find that the length of the toy is too long for it to be comfortable during intercourse, and I dislike the weight of the toy while I’m just hanging out at home or out on the town.  The toy feels very heavy when you wear it as a plug, and I didn’t really like that feeling.  My favorite use of the toy is to use it as a probe.

The toy is made from Pyrex glass, and it can be used with hot or cold water for temperature play if you wish.  The toy is actually pretty cold off the bat, which is something I really enjoy.  If you want it colder, you could run it under cold water.  If you want to warm it up first, just a few minutes under running warm water works really well.  You can also use it as-is, and it will warm to body temperature pretty quickly too.

Cleaning the Rainbow Bliss is simple.  I usually scrub it down with plain soap and water, and then I boil it for ten minutes or so.  True, you only need to boil your toys for about three minutes, but I like to be thorough.  Glass is not porous, so if you boil it, or use a condom, you can share this with your partner.

Overall, I love how gorgeous and fun this toy is, and I’m giving it four paws:

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Pyrex Glass dildo with bulbous head and multicolored ribbons on the shaft.

This toy is a part of my personal collection.  It was not given to me in exchange for a review.

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