Excitement + Caffeine = Blog Post

Tonight Master got me an iced tea. Iced tea + excited/nervous kitty = me, sitting on the bathroom floor typing this with one finger on my Droid. No, I’m not disobeying.  Often Master will tell me if I can’t sleep I should go play with my phone. And, here I am.

Lots of things on my mind tonight. For one, tomorrow’s specialist appointment. Really hope doc has ideas to help my sad tummy. I am really sick of waking up at night in tears because I want to puke so badly but can’t. Gah. Talk about nausea from Hell.

Health aside I’m in really good spirits. The taxes got done tonight. We’re getting a huge refund, largely due to Master’s work, not mine.

The Sin In The City event schedule is up and both Master and me are too excited to think straight. Well, maybe he is thinking straight, but I’m not. The schedule is not set in stone yet, but there are a few classes we are both extremely excited for. One of the classes even had Master cheering out loud, while the others had him grinning heartily.. Except for one block which didn’t have much that really thrilled us. Maybe that’ll be the time we get to go to the vendor room.

Master is thrilled at the vendor room list and has already decided on a couple things he will definitely be purchasing. Not that I am the least bit saddened at the idea of those things. =^^=

Master also opted to sign us up for the meal plan, which impressed me heartily. While I am not vegan, I eat a lot of vegan foods and they have vegan options at every meal! Cheese and meat too, that ought to make Master happy.

There are so many things we’re planning on doing after the con too.  We’ll be there almost a week after the con ends.  Now that the event schedule is out it is getting tougher to sit still and wait.

But, wait we shall.

Now, if only I could sleep.


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