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dongalor 3

I feel sooo bad that I am so behind on blogging.  I keep thinking “I NEED TO BLOG!” a lot has been going on, and I wanted to update but I haven’t been able to get into my work room at all in the past three weeks in order to do so.  Why, you ask? Because my birthday present was pretty epic, and it took up my room for a while.

Master came home early on my birthday, and he had me come over to him.

“Close your eyes, kitty.”

I did.

“Do you want a hint about what your birthday surprise will be?”

I was confused, because I thought I already had my birthday present.

“Yes, Master.”

He told me to put my hands out, and I did.  He put a small stuffed lion in my hands from my plushie pile, and told me to open my eyes.

“Are we getting a lion?”

Master laughed.  “No.  How do you feel about going and picking out a sister for Styx?”

I think I squealed.

We got in the car, and Master Pravus took me to the local animal shelter.  We decided in the car that if we didn’t find the right kitty for us, we would try to go to another shelter over the weekend, so there was no pressure to just pick a kitty.

We looked at a lot of kitties, but I didn’t get to pick any of them.  Master Pravus was the one to pick kitties because I was scared that I have chosen two cats that didn’t work out well in the past.  Master Pravus would pick up cats, and decide if he liked them or not, and then put them in my lap to see if they liked me too.  The kitty we finally settled on was a boy kitty, whose name was North.

We weren’t so sure about picking a boy kitty, and we had gone into the shelter wanting to get another girl, because we had heard that boy kitties spray a lot.  The shelter people assured us that spraying was generally a non-issue.  A few people there had boy kitties, and they said they never ever had their cats spray, so we decided to take the “risk” and bring home our new boy kitty.  Of course, we didn’t keep the name “North.”

We renamed him “Dongalor.”

Dongalor is so sweet and wonderful.  We had to confine him in a room away from Styx for a while because when we got him he had an upper respiratory infection, and of course we didn’t want Styx to catch it.  Not only that, but you need to keep new cats separate for at least two weeks if you want to have the best chance at them getting along, so we did.  But, trying to blog with a kitten walking all over your keyboard is pretty much impossible, so I’m a little behind.  I’ll be updating more in the next few days though.

In the meantime, here’s a couple pictures of the adorable Dongalor.  =^^=

dongalor 2dongalor


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  1. Ahhh! Seems like one of the best birthdays! Sir and I want a kitty so bad (not in our lease yet; we’re hoping to renegotiate when the terms are up in Sept!)

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