Cat Nap

cat nap

Styx and Dongalor are starting to get along better.  When we first got Dongalor, we had to keep them separated for a few reasons, but integrating the two cats has been much easier than it was when we had Serenade.  Serenade didn’t work out at all, but I was really hoping things would go well with Dongalor.  For the first week or so, Serenade would only hiss at Dongalor and she would occasionally swat at him.  Whenever actual fighting took place, we separated them again.  I haven’t actually seen them fighting for a while now, which is nice.  There’s an occasional hiss but overall it’s been pretty good.

This picture is of Styx and Dongalor over the weekend.  We found them napping together!  I mean, yeah, Dongalor’s paw is touching her, and he’s mainly stretched out away from her, but this is huge progress.  We’ve got hopes that one day Dongalor will be much closer with Styx and maybe they will be a bit more cuddly.  Either way it does seem like they are getting along better which makes me happy.  I still don’t feel completely comfortable leaving them alone unsupervised yet, but we don’t have to, so it’s not a big deal.

The only minor problem we’re having with Dongalor is that he is biting.  He’s not biting a lot, and we can tell he’s just bored, but we’re nipping it in the bud.  I don’t want to have a kitten we can’t train out of biting like the last one.  :/ He’s responding pretty well to our tactics though (which is good, because honestly, we have a lot up our sleeves from Serenade).  Hopefully when he stops teething it’ll help cut down on the biting too.

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