New Nurse

Snuggling in the dark with ZeeBee. I’m feeling pretty crummy today. I woke up too nauseated to take any of my pills, even the liquid stuff. I took nausea medicine (dissolves, not a pill or liquid) and I was able to take my meds.

I have a low grade fever (100.0) that comes and goes. I’m taking liquid ibuprofen so I figure that it keeps bringing my temp down and that it bounces back up when I get to the end of the dose.

We think we have fixed the nurse situation but we’re not sure. (She didn’t even show up yesterday!) Tomorrow the same nurse is coming by to check and make sure Gob isn’t infected. I have a doc appointment with the surgeon Tuesday though so not sure she could see me sooner either way. Maybe she could phone in an antibiotic or something though if need be. Next week they are sending out a nurse who is a lot more versed in ostomies, so we are hoping she’ll give us some tips and tricks so I can just figure out what to do with Gob.

Last night we lost power for a couple hours (Eek! I hate the dark!) But when it came back on we changed Gob and used a slim barrier ring and it didn’t swell up on us today. So with any luck we should be able to leave it alone until we see the nurse tomorrow.

I just have no energy at all. That seems pretty normal though. Napping and video games today again. <3

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