Troll? In The Dungeon?

Master has always read a lot of my “personal” stuff.  I put personal in quotes there because of course nothing of mine is really private, and I’m not looking for it to be.  Master has the passwords for every one of my accounts, and he’s occasionally read my paper journal as well as my emails or correspondences with others and he’ll come back to me and talk about it at times.  He won’t reprimand me.  Know why?  Because I know what to say and I don’t go against his rules.  If for some reason someone is asking me for information that Master wouldn’t want me to give out, or if they are asking for nudes or something then I would just politely decline.  

I don’t have any kind of desire to give out photos of myself to random people.  I have a blog and I have a Tumblr where I post lots of free nudes and if those aren’t enough then there’s always my Clips4Sale.  Random “Internet Doms” who just want me to submit to them just wind up getting blocked.  I’m not here to cater to random people’s whims.  I post what Master and me want to post, and if you enjoy it, then that is great.  If not, well, there’s plenty of other people out there for you to go and bother.  Have fun with that.

Anyway, a lot of submissives or slaves I meet will tell me up front “Master reads all my emails and correspondences with everyone, so never email me anything you wouldn’t want him to read.”  It always seems silly to me.  I know that reading my emails and personal materials is not exclusive to me and Master Pravus’ relationship, and I know many others do it.  I know there are plenty of relationships that don’t include that in their protocols as well.  However, I think subtlety is golden.  There’s really no need to warn most people of the fact that your Master reads your stuff because if they were going to be disrespectful, I’d rather have them do it up front so I don’t waste my time responding to people who can’t be a modicum of polite.

The other thing about warning people up front is that, to me, it almost sounds like you don’t trust me before you even get to know me.  You don’t want to give me the chance to be respectful?  I’m not the type to pry or to ask anyone to go against their Master’s wishes, so it just sounds to me more like a threat than a friendly warning.  “Play nice, or deal with my Master.”  Gee, you’re being really friendly yourself, there.  Yeah you definitely sound like someone I want to get to know.  Not.  No doubt if I actually got unruly (I wouldn’t) I’d expect you or your Master (or both) to say something to me.  Sometimes mistakes happen, nobody is perfect after all- but I like to think that in the event of an accidental misstep we could just talk it through like adults maybe.

::Shrugs::  If you feel the need to warn people, I’m not saying you shouldn’t.  I’m just saying that it comes across as abrasive to me.  Being abrasive up front isn’t the best way to make friends.  Many people who are not even in a power exchange dynamic will share rude emails with their partners.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  One of them is the absurdity of the email they were sent.  Anyone trying to get me to submit to them is met with disdain by me first and foremost, and possibly Master if the person persisted.  I’m not talking about genuine inquiries for friendships.  I’m talking about random people who seem to think they own me.  Not that that happens too often anyway, but being that I run an adult blog, Twitter, sell porn, etc, I get some rude dudes from time to time.

I was thinking about all of this the other day, because Master got an email which he believes was intended for me.  When people reply to my RSS feed, it doesn’t go to me, it goes to Master.  When they reply to my “Contact Me” page, their messages come to me.  There’s really no big difference because as I said, many of these things get read by Master anyway.  Master Pravus is pretty subtle about things however.  He doesn’t sit in front of the computer or checking on my emails when I’m sitting right in front of him.  What would be the point?  When he is home, we interact with each other for the most part.  Everything else comes second.

The email Master was sent was one sentence.  Master responded.  Then it came back with one more sentence, and Master told me he was going to have me respond but out of his account.

“You don’t want to just forward me his email to reply to?” I asked.  I was just curious because that’s what he generally does on the rare occasion that someone replies to my RSS.  (Most of my chit-chat is via the Contact Me button on my site.)

“I haven’t decided if this is a person I want having your email yet, or if it’s a troll.”

One sentence emails do tend to lend themselves to “troll” fairly often, I guess.  Still it was a subtle reminder to me about how Master does screen my emails.  I don’t always notice him doing it until he brings something up later, and I’m not abrasive enough to tell people upon meeting them that they better behave before I’ve even had a chance to figure out of they are good people or not.  Whether he warns me himself every single second of every single day or not, he does read my things from time to time.  It’s almost never an issue, really, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a turn on that he’s always “nosing” around in my accounts.  Efforts to protect me even from something as mild as an annoying troll definitely never go unnoticed.

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