Handheld Rechargeable Massager by Paloqueth

Paloqueth has really spoiled me this time, when they sent me their newest and most fabulous handheld massager.  I recently purchased something similar by another company, because I had wanted a black one, and I was pretty disappointed in that one.  This was not only perfect timing, but I could tell just taking it out of the box that this one was something special.

Straight out of the shipping box, I was almost too excited to open what I had in my hands.  I knew what was on the way, and I had a good feeling.  I opened the box, and me and Master Pravus both let out a little “Oooh,” as it sat there.  Shiny, black, formidable looking.  But, how would it hold up to actual play?  I mean, it’s another wand!

I’ve been able to try out the wand several times now, and I will say that there’s a lot I really love about it.  It’s lighter than it looks, while still being a heavy enough toy that it has more “rumble” than “buzz.”  The slight texturing on the head of the silicone toy is really premium feeling, and the silicone is very smooth with no drag.  Since this is an external vibrator, I never really felt like I needed lube with it, although if you like you want something are welcome to use anything except for silicone based lubes with it.

Paloqueth Wand

The body of the toy is made from ABS plastic, which is nice and really shiny looking.  It’s also prone to fingerprints, but it’s not a huge big deal to me.  The head of the toy does leave water droplet spots if you leave this to air dry (which is what I do with most of my toys) and it will collect lint and hair like most silicone toys will.  So I recommend being careful of where you put it down after you wash it.

There are five vibration modes and three speeds.  Personally, I’m not a big pattern fan, but I did like the static vibration modes a lot.  There are patterns for those of you who like those too.  The head is flexible, which allows you to get it more easily into body spaces than wands with static heads. 

Cleaning the toy isn’t a big deal.  It washes really easily with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or 10% bleach solution.  You also don’t need any batteries because it’s USB rechargeable!

Overall, does the toy do anything that other wands don’t?  Well, no.  It really is a fairly simple wand, with the exception of the head having some light texturing on it.  I did absolutely love the color, and I also loved the fact that it was cordless and easy to recharge.  The modes are great, and I reach for this vibrator more than any other when I want an external vibe right now.  While it doesn’t do anything too outlandish or new, I think everyone needs a quality wand, and fits the bill for me.  Plus, you really can’t beat the price!  I’m going to give it five paws:

5 Paws

This toy was given to me for free in exchange for an honest and fair review.  This statement is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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