Fuck The Rainbow

I love rainbows.  I used to have a silicone rainbow dildo, but unfortunately, it met with an untimely end, and I felt a hole in my.  Um.  Heart.  ::Cough::  That none of my other toys could quite fill.  When you want your rainbow dildo, you want your rainbow dildo.  So, when BestVibe offered to send me this gorgeous toy, I was definitely excited.

When it first came, I admit I was a bit shocked at the size of it, which was my own damned fault for not reading the website carefully enough.  I actually laid in bed that night as Master Pravus held me (he normally does as we are going to sleep) and I said:

“Do you believe in me?”

“Kitty?  Of course I do!  What are you talking about?  You can do anything!”

“Do you really think I can fit that rainbow dick inside of me?”

There was a long silence in the 2AM dark.

“Oh.  That.  I…  I’m not sure.”



This was not the first time I misread the measurements on a toy, and I would be lying to you if I said it was going to be my last time.  Neither of us thought I could do it.  Damn it, I promised to review it though – and a promise is a promise.  So I had my work cut out for me.

It’s a redhead πŸ˜€

Eager to try the toy out for the first time, I admit, my eyes were bigger than my. Er..  Previous experiences.  This wasn’t a toy that I could easily fit into any of my holes, and I had to start with smaller ones and work my way up in the same session.  To give you a bit of perspective, as soon as I opened up the box, Master Pravus helped me take a picture showing the size of the head of the toy as compared with my wrist.  You can see that picture here.  The actual dimensions of the toy are: 

9.8″ in total length, with 7.8″ being insertable

The head of the toy is 2.4″ in diameter, which for me was quite a challenge to get in.

The website boasts a “soft” dildo, but this one is really very firm!  There isn’t a lot of give to it, so I felt that I really required quite a bit of warm up especially given the firmness of the material.  The toy itself has a lot of veins and realistic texturing all over it, which make it a bit more difficult to take as well, but it really does feel nice once you get it in, and I enjoyed it a lot.  I had to use two different toys, and a lot of time and lube to get to a place where I could take this toy.  I’m not saying that will be true for everyone.  If you’re used to toys of this size you’ll obviously be fine, but as someone who misread the website, I wanted to be absolutely sure I mentioned something in the review so other people see and are prepared. 

Texture details

It comes in a simple plastic clamshell package, and you probably could keep your toy in there if you wanted, but I can’t imagine why you would. It would be a lot easier and take up a lot less space in a drawer, to be honest. This is still going to take up a lot of room, and something this conspicuous will not be easy to hide. If you need a toy that’s easy to hide, might I suggest that you look at one of BestVibe‘s other toys… This brightly colored rainbow toy is probably not the definition of discreet. For me? Discretion has never been an issue and I don’t live with roommates or family that I’m concerned about hiding anything from so it’s not something I’m worried about.

The toy reliably passes a flame test, and is made from 100% silicone.  The suction cup base actually works quite well, and I had no trouble getting this to stick and stay stuck to slick surfaces.

You can use any lube you want with this except for silicone.  Water based is fine.  The toy is bleachable with a 10% bleach solution, boilable, top rack dishwasher safe, you could use soap and water or a toy cleaner on it.

It’s a great toy.  I can tell it’s going to last years and years, and I absolutely will not fault it for the fact that I misread the measurement and it took me a little bit to work up to it.  πŸ˜‰  So I’m going to give it five paws:

5 Paws

Thank you so much, BestVibe, for sending me this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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