Twist And Pout

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains a blood mention, and shows minor blood from a surgical wound. Avoid this post if you need or desire to avoid such things.

I’m typing this up on Monday, which seems (or by the time anyone reads this, seemed) like a long day! Master Pravus has to drive an hour and a half to get to and from work at the moment, but he only has to go into work two days per week. The other days are remote days. They’re not always the same day, but this week today was one of those days. On the way home we were talking on the phone when suddenly he started shouting about seeing a tornado! A TORNADO!

Of course, he had only just begun his long drive back and so I began to panic a little bit. I didn’t like the idea of him being stuck in a major storm near a freaking tornado! I tried to look online, but there was nothing about a tornado at the time. He told me the police were blocking off traffic and making them all turn around. (Understandable!) He was actually next in line to go when the policeman directing traffic told them that they were going to wait, because it looked like maybe the tornado was starting to break up. So, he had time to get this picture. LOL! After that they let him pass and the rest of the trip continued on quite uneventfully.

Meanwhile, back at the Pig Pile… (And stop reading here if you’re not a fan of blood! No, really, you’ve been warned. Thanks!)

I mentioned before that I had my port revision surgery, to move my power port from the right side, and put a new one on the left side. I also mentioned that it’s still bleeding with fairly minimal effort so I’m supposed to be doing very little around the house right now. Well, I woke up Sunday and the wound itself was looking like this:

This being nine days post op, I should NOT be having bleeding this severe coming from the wound. We called the nurse line (the hospital I went to doesn’t let you call the surgeon’s office. Nice, huh? That’s why we’re moving!) and the nurse line thought we should go back to the hospital.

The hospital was really.. Traumatic last time I went. My stay was just over the top bad, with them not allowing me to have any potassium from home (since it’s liquid meds) so I kept having medical events with my potassium going low constantly. I’m terrified to go back there. We decided that since the hospital is so terrible we’d try to clean it up ourselves and redress it. Thing is..

The next morning when I woke up- it was still leaking (but a little less, I do admit. This particular week Master Pravus is working late tonight and tomorrow. I really don’t want to go back to the hospital tonight or tomorrow because we’d be there so late, and I’m not 100% sure this is life threatening.. So we’re going to keep changing it ourselves until Wed and if it’s still leaking on Wed we’ll go to the hospital then. I have my fingers crossed it does stop bleeding by then though, because that would be nearly two weeks post op. And two weeks post op is far too long to have bleeding going on, even if it was for my central line.

People keep sending me notes and saying things like “Why isn’t your move done yet?”

Honestly? Things like this. Because two weeks after my central line was moved it’s still bleeding. Needing to move for your health because you need access to better healthcare generally means the help you’re receiving where you are is

1) Not good

2) You’re experiencing complications along the way.

Here’s hoping we can solve this one really soon. Fingers crossed. <3

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