I’m not grimmacing! It was bright out! LOL! I never hated my old glasses. Sheesh.
OK, The fact the “After” shot looks happier is a weird coincidence, I swear! Ha ha ha.

I got new glasses! Ignoring the fact that I look like I hate my glasses in the first pic, which ones do you like most? I swear, it was 89* out that day though, and the sun was bright. We couldn’t get a decent picture where I wasn’t squinting.

We actually went down to pick out new glasses about a week and a half ago, and the person helping us pick out frames gave me a basket to try on lenses. You have to put all your glasses in a basket so they can sanitize them in between testers because of COVID-19. Fair enough. We started on one end of the store, and Master Pravus kept getting nervous because I’m really picky about frames and as we were walking down the wall, he kept asking me if I saw any I liked and I kept (with absolutely no worry at all) saying nah, not yet.

I know what I like and I’m really particular about it. My glasses in the past have all generally looked the same with the exception of the last pair I bought, that gemstone pair? The woman behind the counter had held them behind the counter to show me when I came in and I fell in love. But they were really out of character for me.

As we were walking down the display wall this time, I really didn’t see anything I liked until I got to the final section, but by then Master Pravus started getting a little frantic. He was starting to look back towards the front of the store wondering if we’d need to make a second lap. Before he could ask me though, I leaned forward, picked up a pair of lenses and said:

“These ones! Do you like them?”

“That easy? You picked them that easily? You don’t want to try on any others?”

“I think I like these.”

I tried them on, and loved them right away, and even Master Pravus admitted they looked great. He said I could get them if I liked them. He told me he was getting nervous, but I could tell. Lol!

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