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The Rosa by Fidech

If you’re one of those people who has been interested in the relatively new “suction” stimulation craze you may have noticed that they’ve been getting a bit more on the whimsical side lately. That’s good news for me, and for anyone else out there who prefers a little more imagination in their playtime. When I was contacted recently by Fidech and they asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their innovative new toys, I said that yes, of course I would! If you check out their website you’ll see they carry an array of vibrant and interesting toy styles.

The toy I was sent for review is called Rosa. As its name suggests it is shaped like a beautiful budding rose, and it’s really lovely to behold when you remove it from the packaging. This is one of those toys that, upon first glance on a shelf, no one would really know it is a sex toy, so it’s semi discreet. I would say that it’d be pretty simple to figure out its functions if you picked it up and started looking at it closely, but if it were in an innocuous place away from children or roommates who happened to glance it in a manner of seconds through a window or door, they probably wouldn’t discern its use. And that can be quite handy.

With carrying pouch

Arrival of the Rosa was pretty quick, and it was completely discreet. I had no idea what was inside the box. Once I got it open, I saw a small box and inside and that was my toy with a carrying bag. Toys don’t always come with a bag, and I definitely appreciate it when they do! I especially appreciated that here, because Rosa is made from silicone and unfortunately she collects dust and lint worse than almost any toy I have ever seen. As in, taking the toy out of her pristine box, she started attracting lint and dust to her almost immediately. Taking pictures was quite a challenge because I had to shoo hair away between each take I felt like. While silicone can attract dander, I felt like the ultra smooth finish of Rosa attracted it maybe a little too well compared with other toys I have tried. That being said, that’s honestly my biggest (but not only) complaint about the toy.

When you first get Rosa, she won’t be charged, so you’ll need to plug her in and wait. There’s a port on the bottom of the toy to plug it in to the USB. The entire toy is waterproof, and I would agree that even though it’s a rechargeable toy this is still true. You need to push through a silicone membrane to get to the charging port and it protects the toy very well.

Charging Rosa

When you plug it in, the power button flashes during charging, and stays solid when it’s done. It is supposed to take two hours to charge, but for me it took several hours. As in, I plugged it in one afternoon, but it still wasn’t ready a couple of hours later. I went to bed that night and in the morning it still hadn’t completed its charging cycle. However, that afternoon it finished. This took nearly a full day to charge for me! On the upside: It supposedly has only an hour of runtime and I found that it’s run longer than that for me so far. I don’t have an exact time because it hasn’t died yet, but I have used the toy several times now. So, that’s not a bad run. I think in future I’d just prepare for it to be a long runtime and set it to charge while I’m working and overnight, instead of excitedly checking all the time. Ha ha!

When you grasp Rosa in your hands, it feels soft and very smooth. The petals feel really nice on your skin, and the suction part of the toy is also very lovely. One thing I like about Rosa as compared with other suction toys is that it has a bigger hole for the suction than other toys do. I measured it, and it’s almost a half inch wide. This means that when you’re aiming for your clit, there’s a larger margin for hitting or missing. With some other clitoral suction devices, I sometimes have the problem that if I wiggle just a tiny bit by accident, then the toy is off the mark and I have to start again. Having a bigger target area makes this much more pleasurable.

Rosa boasts seven modes. Hold down the power button until you see it light up, and then press down the power button for a few seconds to turn it off. The modes can be cycled through by just tapping the power button until you get to the one you want. Rosa is not a very loud toy, so if you don’t live alone I don’t think the noises she makes will be something you’ll have to worry too much about. For extra security you can always shut your door and turn the TV on, but this is an overall pretty quiet toy.

The vibrations on the toy also add an excellent sensation with the petals. The two outermost petals that you see on the toy can be slightly “squished” which both helped with hand grip and made for unique sensations if you wish to experiment with the petal design of the flower top. Don’t limit yourself to genitals only with this toy. Nipples, perineum, cock teasing, the sky is the limit. Be creative and have fun.

The Petite Rosa measures 2″ across the top, and 2.5″ down the side. This toy could be fun for couples or singles alike and you can feel free to use any non-silicone based lubricant. Water based would be fine. Due to the fact that Rosa is waterproof you can play in the bath, shower, anywhere there’s water.. And you don’t need to worry about submerging it in water for cleaning. You can use a toy cleaner, soap and water, or 10% bleach solution to clean your toy if you wish.

I really enjoyed this toy, and I want to thank Fidech for sending it to me! I’m giving it four paws:

Thank you so much, Fidech, for sending me Rosa in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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