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All Three Plugs From The Set Together

Princess Plugs have long been a topic of hot debate both online and off. “Never get a ‘Princess’ plug,” say some “Princess plugs are fine,” say others, “It really depends on the plug,” say others still. As BDSM practitioners I think it’s important to think critically before we decide whether or not to add any toy to our toybox, and just deciding that all princess plugs blanketly are unsafe is a choice that will lead to you missing out on a lot of pleasure. That being said.. What are Princess Plugs?

“Princess Plugs” are a slang term for butt plugs that have a little jewel in the base. That’s it, really! Utimi has one set of plugs like this, and it’s this one here. It’s a gorgeous glass set with a black jewel in the bottom. If you’re new to anal stimulation, you may not know much about what to look for in a toy, so before we go much further, I drew up a handy little diagram to help you understand.

The Plug On The Left Shows an Unsafe Design, and The Plug On The Right Is Very Safe

When it comes to anal stimulation, you want to make sure that you’re looking for a toy with a base that is wider than the flare you’re inserting into the anal canal. This prevents the entire toy from getting sucked inside you, and an uncomfortable trip to the emergency room. If you look at my graphic, you can see that the flare on the toy on the left would be too small for play. It might inadvertently get sucked into the anal cavity while you’re having fun. The problem with this is that, unlike the vaginal canal, the anal cavity is not a closed circuit, so you might then require additional help to get the toy back. You can easily prevent this by buying a toy that has a safe, wide base.

In the graphic I drew up, you can see that the toy on the right has such a base. The base is wider than the toy’s flare. This toy is going to stay safely anchored outside the anal canal. It’s pretty easy to see just by looking at most anal toys if they have a nice stable base before you buy them, and while it’s true that a lot of Princess Plugs may not have a safe base, it’s not true for all of them, and it’s not true for the Utimi Glass Butt Plug Set which is also a type of Princess Plug set. The base is wider than the taper here, so that’s one thing you won’t need to worry about.

Gorgeous Glass Plug From Utimi

This set comes with three plugs, so you can taper up to the size you want over time, or slowly warm up in a single session. The small one is 1.18″ (or nearly 6″ in circumference) wide at the base, and 3.9″ wide. It is nearly 3.3/4″ in circumference. The medium one is 4″ long, 1.3/4″ (or 5.3/4″ in circumference) wide at the base, and it’s 4.3/4″ thick at the most flared section. The large one is 4.14″ long, 1.3/4″ (or 6″ in circumference) wide at the base, and the tapered part being a little wider than 4.5″ in circumference.

The outside of the toy is made from glass, which is very smooth with no jagged edges, with a stone glued to the outside bottom. The inside of the toy has some kind of unknown material. It seems to be some kind of bead, but I’m not really sure what it is. It doesn’t totally matter because it doesn’t come into contact with your body at any point when you’re in the middle of your play, but you know what? It really provides a fun sensory experience because the beads make a fun noise! I know this is a bit on the silly side, but if you shake your butt plugs, the beads make a sound, yes kind of like maracas! If you were very good at ass shaking, you could probably make them make a sound with them inside you.. They’re noisy enough. I noticed that only two of my butt plugs really made sounds. It depends on how many of the beads are in the toys. It there’s enough of an air bubble in the toy then you can shake it for that bonus sound. 😉 I wouldn’t buy these just for that, but that made both me and Master Pravus laugh and probably will make you laugh too!

When it comes to anal toys, I have a personal preference for glass because I prefer to use silicone lubes. You might personally prefer water-based lubes, or you might like the softer give that silicone allows you. Glass doesn’t give you any room to breathe. You either fit it, or you don’t. That’s the downside. If you’d prefer silicone, you might want to check out the silicone set Utimi has. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it looks very nice! And, if it’s as quality as their glass set has been you won’t be disappointed. But, back to the glass set.

If you want to clean it, I suggest a mild soap and water, toy cleaner, 10% bleach, top rack of your dishwasher, or you could boil this. Definitely boil or bleach it before sharing with anyone you’re not fluid bonded with. You could also cover it in a condom since it’s pretty small.

Plug Jewel

I found the glass to be very smooth and comfortable to wear for long periods! I felt like this would be very easy to wear all day and never be uncomfortable with it in due to the nature of the glass. I would definitely use silicone lube if I were wearing it for extended periods though, I’ve used water-based a couple of times in a pinch for shorter play sessions. Comparing this to some metal princess plugs I’ve worn I found these to be infinitely more comfortable, and they were pretty easy to get in. It may take me some more work to get all the way up to the large though. It’s definitely a challenge. I found that the Utimi brand small is about an inch longer than most other brands, which isn’t necessarily bad, just a thing to be conscious of when you’re choosing- especially if this is your first set of plugs.

I really love this set. I think they are beautiful to look at, fun to use, comfortable to wear and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys or wants to try anal play. I can’t find anything about them that I don’t like and I’m going to give them five paws.

If anyone is interested in making a purchase of any kind from Utimi, they have generously offered a 30% discount code to our readers! Simply type the code 6GDZ-SUBMISSION into checkout. In the interest of being completely transparent, I don’t get any kind of affiliate commission from this, it’s just a discount code being offered forward.

Thank you so much, Utimi, for sending me these great toys in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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